#NoCommentAbbott: On the Important Issues Facing Texans, Greg Abbott Has No Comment

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When it comes to attacking Wendy Davis, it seems Greg Abbott never runs out of things to say.

But when asked about important issues facing our state such as education and CPRIT, Abbott continues to avoid giving voters a straight answer.

More on Greg Abbott's lack of leadership and examples of his “No comment” policy below the jump.From Team Wendy:

Greg Abbott's lack of leadership is evident in his refusal to answer questions on policy issues affecting Texans. Abbott's refusal to answer questions on education over the past two weeks were not isolated incidents. Greg Abbott has a history of refusing to comment on a variety of issues important to Texans – including education, vouchers, and taxpayer funded cancer research.

“Greg Abbott thinks he's entitled to the governorship,” said Bo Delp, Davis Communications Director. “His refusal to give straightforward answers on important policy issues is not leadership, it's weakness. On education, vouchers, even Texas' lizard policy, Greg Abbott simply has no comment.”  

Below are a few examples of Abbott refusing to comment on policy issues affecting Texans.

Asked on Policy Issues Greg Abbott: NO COMMENT
Education Cuts December 3, 2013: “Abbott declined to say whether the Legislature was right to make the cuts.”

December 11, 2013: “The leading Republican candidate declined to condemn the Legislature's action.”

December 11, 2013: “[Abbott] again declined Wednesday to weigh in on the Legislature slashing school funding in 2011, which led to more than half of the 1,000-plus public school districts in Texas suing the state in an ongoing case.”

December 11, 2013: “On the campaign trail, Abbott has taken heat for defending the state in court for the legislature's massive cuts to the state's public education system back in 2011. He said he's just doing his job as attorney general but refused to take a personal stance on the issue.”

December 12, 2013: “For the second straight day, Abbott declined to definitively state whether Texas schools are adequately funded, calling it a legal question.”

December 13, 2013: “While in San Antonio on Wednesday, Abbott declined to criticize the cuts enacted by the Legislature and said his responsibilities as attorney general prevented him from commenting on whether current funding to public education is sufficient.”

School Vouchers December 11, 2013:  “Texas gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott held back from taking a position on private school vouchers or state education funding during a Wednesday appearance at a San Antonio charter school.”
Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) December 6, 2013: ” 'Due to the ongoing nature of this prosecution, we cannot comment – except to say that we will continue working with the Travis County District Attorney's Office on this case and stand ready to provide whatever investigative assistance may be required going forward,' Abbott spokesman Jerry Strickland said.”
Sagebrush Lizard Policy September 2013: “But is Texas' current system of oversight effective in protecting the lizard and by extension, keeping the federal government from intervening? 'I can't say that it is,' Abbott said after his speech to local oilmen Thursday. 'And I won't say that it's not.'”

December 13, 2013: “The Abbott campaign did not immediately respond to a question about whether Abbott would have signed or vetoed HB 3509 had he been governor.”




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