Is George P. Bush Padding His Resume?

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On his website, the crux of the latest Texas Bush's biography is this: “George P. Bush is part of the next generation of Texas leaders. He is a successful businessman, philanthropist, civic leader and veteran dedicated to advancing conservative values.”

Just how much of “businessman” is he? He says he “co-founded Pennybacker Capital LLC, a real estate private equity firm and most recently, George founded St. Augustine Partners LLC, a Fort Worth-based investment firm focused on energy and business consulting.” While the former is true, the content of St. Augustine Partners is far less clear than you might think.

Founded in 2007, SAP listed George P. Bush's Fort Worth home as its main office, as confirmed by county appraisal records. In May of this year, they changed it to 604 East 4th Street in Fort Worth. But that building doesn't list SAP anywhere on its directory.

What's going on here? How real is this company? Read more below the jump.The company website is almost completely empty. It lists only the name, address, phone number, and e-mail. No description of the company, no references to its past work, no profiles of partners.

Is this a shell company set up to legitimize Bush? Did SAP/Bush change the business address in May to avoid obvious allegations this isn't real? What work has Bush done with this company that he can point to?

These are all questions reporters need to ask Bush. Bush has only worked for two businesses in his life, one of which doesn't appear to be a business at all. Unfortunately, he's had a smooth skate so far under the shadow of the governor and lieutenant governor's race. Lucky man, just like the last member of this disgraced family to run for statewide office.

(H/T LawFlog)


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