Reactions to Judge Larry Meyer's Party-Switch Reinforce Extremism in Republican Party

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Typically there is a surprise every filing season. Sometimes it's who filed and sometimes it's who didn't file. Yesterday it was about who switched parties.

Without casting a single ballot, Democrats will move into 2014 holding their first statewide elected official since 1998 in Judge Larry Meyers. Meyers, a sitting judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, will run for Supreme Court as a Democrat, but even if he loses he will remain in office until 2017.

Democrats roundly rejoiced, as there appeared to be only be a few who questioned his commitment to Democratic values. Meanwhile, Republicans engaged in a wide variety of baseless attacks on Meyers, who they previously elected to statewide office four times.

Check below the jump to see what folks — including the Republican Party of Texas Chair — had to say about the switch.The Chair of the Republican Party of Texas, Steve Munisteri, released a statement trying to minimize the loss saying that Meyer is only the 3rd Republican to switch parties since 2008, compared to the 212 Democrats who have switched. However, we are all aware that none of those former Democrats were statewide office holders. Undoubtedly the most famous party-switcher in Texas made the move just as he decided to run statewide and it appears both parties are now ready for him to retire. His name is Rick Perry.

Here's a round-up of press statements and social media reactions to Meyer's decision.

“I am thrilled to welcome Judge Meyers to the Texas Democratic Party. I am even more excited to know that Judge Meyers doesn't stand alone. Every day, I hear from real voters that our party represents the strongest path forward for our state. Texas is changing and voters will continue to reject a Republican Party more focused on ideology than ideas,” said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa in a statement.

“Judge Meyers decision to leave the Republican Party today is big news,” Battleground Texas' executive director Jenn Brown said in a statement. “It shows that the Texas GOP continues to drive Texans away with their divisive rhetoric and extreme policies. And it puts the first of what we think will ultimately be many Democrats in statewide office again.”

Reactions on the Internet were mixed. The comments below were pulled from various articles of major publications websites.

The Good:

The Bad:

The ugly:

And my personal favorite:

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