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2014 Democratic Primary: Dallas Contested Races

by: jvansickle

Tue Dec 10, 2013 at 01:54 AM CST

(Dallas will have a busy primary season this year! Thanks to James for this overview of what contested races will happen in the Big D this cycle. - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

The Filing Period for the 2014 Democratic Primary has officially ended.  In Dallas County, we now have our slate of contested races that will be fought over in the March 4 Primary Election.  These candidates will now have roughly 2 months to make their case to Democratic voters.  A Primary Runoff Election is almost a certainty with probably around 3 to 5 races.

Here is a breakdown of the upcoming contested Primary Elections.  Please keep in mind that this article ONLY focuses on contested Dallas County Democratic Primary Elections, and will not cover any uncontested or statewide Democratic candidates.

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The Rundown on Contested Races

For those unfamiliar with Dallas County politics, Democrats swept all countywide offices from GOP control starting in 2006.  The last countywide GOP elected official lost their re-election bid in 2010, which was also when Democrats took control of the Dallas County Commissioner's Court.  The GOP still retains a number of elected offices whose districts mostly cover the surrounding suburbs to the North and East of the county.

With that primer out of the way, here is the breakdown summary of the upcoming contested races.

91 total offices being sought by Democrats, both incumbent and challengers
144 Democratic Candidates filed to run for new offices or re-election

35 Contested Primary Elections
8 Primary Elections are Open Seat

District Clerk most congested (6 candidates)

1 Congressional Race
3 State Representative Races
1 State Board of Education Race

20 Judicial Races
- 11 Judicial Districts
- 3 Family District Courts
- 4 County Criminal Courts
- 2 County Probate Courts

1 County Clerk Race
1 County Treasurer Race
5 Justice of the Peace Races
2 Constable Races
1 County Chair Race

Gubernatorial Election cycles in Dallas County are always a busy affair because it is when the majority of local county offices are up for re-election.  Only 25% of the contested races are for elected offices with no incumbent Democrat running for re-election.

Breakdown of Contested Races

In a follow-up article, I will break down each race and provide some basic background and history on the candidates running.  Due to the large number of candidates in contested races, this will take a couple of days for me to compile.

The Dallas County Democratic Party has a full list of candidates who have filed to run in 2014 at their website: http://dallasdemocrats.org/elections/candidate-filings.html

James Van Sickle

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Glad EBJ has an opponent (0.00 / 0)
Even if Caraway is an "insider" herself. Hope she has a Green opponent in the general, too.

There is no god and I am his prophet - SocraticGadfly

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