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Why I'm Running for Travis County Commissioner

by: Richard Jung

Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 06:16 PM CST

(We encourage all candidates for public office in Texas to register a user account and post in the diaries. Thanks to Richard Jung for introducing himself to the community! - promoted by Katherine Haenschen)

My name is Richard Jung and I am running to be your next Travis County Commissioner for Precinct 2. I am running because Travis County needs a fresh perspective to help navigate through the unprecedented challenges we face today. Issues with transportation, affordability, and declining involvement pose great challenges to the well-being of our community. With responsible leadership and innovative solutions I believe we can and will continue to move Travis County forward.

As an immigration attorney and small business owner, I have a record of bringing communities together and creating solutions to solve complex problems. My experiences in the public and private sectors place me in a unique position to make a real difference for my family, my neighbors and all of Travis County. Moreover, I understand that to realize this change will require more than a one-way conversation. I want to ensure that all Travis County residents have a seat at the table when important decisions about the future of our communities are made. Everyone's voice counts and each person brings a unique perspective to the fold that can contribute toward building a more vibrant Travis County.

That's why I'm asking for your thoughts and opinions on local issues first- so please take my online survey here.  

As we try to meet the challenges our county will face in the coming years, we must plan on implementing innovative yet sensible solutions that do not put economic burdens on the most vulnerable in our community. As your county commissioner, I will focus on efficiently managing our limited natural resources, planning for our immediate and long term transportation needs, working to improve emergency services, increasing the number of accessible blue collar jobs, growing a strong middle class in Travis County, and fostering a high quality of life for all of our residents.

I have called Austin home since 1996. For years I have been actively working to improve our community. I have served on the Travis County EMS Advisory Board and the Austin Sustainable Development Committee. Additionally, I have served on the Board of the Asian American Resource Center and the 2012 City of Austin Charter Revision Committee.. I am honored to have recently gained the endorsement of the Austin Travis County EMS Employees Association for my work. I am grateful for the lessons I learned doing this and proud of what we were able to accomplish for those that depended on us. It was, in large part, my involvement in the community that inspired me to run for office. I realized that the skills and experience I gained in the private sector could be put to much better use serving the people of Travis County.

Local government works best when public servants answer to the people they represent. I am committed to working around the clock to bring positive leadership and consensus-building to the Commissioners Court and make life better for all Travis County residents.

Please take a minute to send me your thoughts. Your voice counts more than you think.


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