BOR Elections: LIVE From the Texas Democratic Party in Austin, Filing Day Live-Blog

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Today is the last day for a candidate to file for office in the state of Texas for the 2014 general election! There are 36 congressional districts, 15 Texas Senate districts, 150 Texas House districts, and 7 State Board of Education Districts that will be up for a vote in 2014 along with 15 statewide offices. Many candidates have already turned in their paperwork to file, but many more are expected to show up at Democratic and Republican party headquarters today so they can be placed on the ballot!

For those looking to file today: If the seat you are running for is entirely within one county, you are to file with your county party. However, if the district includes more than one county, you must file with the state party in Austin.

Burnt Orange Report will be live at the Texas Democratic Party Headquarters in Austin until the close of filing today, reporting on every major filing as they occur! Take a moment and review our candidate trackers to see who has filed for office in the last month:

– Statewide Offices

– US Congress

– Texas Senate

– Texas House

– State Board of Education

We are excited about our strong Democratic slate which will be complete at 6:00 pm today!

Most Recent Update

Update 6:30 pm: Breaking across Twitter: Congressman Steve Stockman (R-36) has filed a primary challenge to Senator John Cornyn (R).

Update 6:00 pm: It is 6:00 in Austin, meaning filing for any office that crosses a county line is done at the Texas Democratic Party. State Board of Education Member Mavis Knight (D) did not file, meaning the 13th seat is now to be considered open. I'll be working to get a list of regional House and Congressional filings to ya'll later tonight. Congratulations on a job well done and thank you for reading our blog throughout the day!

Read all of the previous updates that have rolled in so far today after the jump!Update 5:51 pm: Justice Gina Benavides of Texas' 13th court of Appeals will join our slate of statewide judicial candidates. Justice Benavides has filed for Texas Supreme Court, Place 7 and will run against incumbent Republican Judge Jeffrey Boyd. You can read more about Justice Benavides and her impressive biography on her official court biography.

Update, 5:45 pm: Catching up on some earlier filings, Democrat Stephen Wyman has filed for House District 20 against Republican Marsha Farney. Also, progressive hero Congressman Marc Veasey will have a primary challenger in 2014: Tom Sanchez has filed to primary the popular Fort Worth Democrat next year.

Update, 5:00 pm: Since last we checked in, I can announce Daniel Boone has filed for Senate District 25 against Donna Campbell; Shirley McKellar has filed for Congressional District 1 against Louie Gohmert, and David Cozad has filed for Congressional District 6 against Joe Barton.

Update, 4:15 pm: Sitting Judge Lawrence Meyers of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals was elected as a Republican in 1992.

Today, Judge Meyers switched parties, and filed to run for Texas Supreme Court, Place 6 as a Democrat.

While Judge Meyers does not have to resign to run, his current term ends in 2016. This means, as of today, there IS a statewide elected Democrat in Texas. You can read Judge Meyer's official biography here.

Update, 3:10 pm: Marco Montoya has filed to run against incumbent Roger Williams in Congressional District 25. Mr. Montoya is retired from the US Public Health Service and US Army. He is running for district 25 to improve the over all quality of life, secure our countries, and bring people together. He faces Stan Gourd in the Democratic Primary.

Update, 2:55 pm: Erica Beltran of Dallas is going to be the third Democrat to file to run for the 13th district on the Texas State Board of Education. She is a former bilingual kindergarten and 4th grade teacher. She is running to help make sure every child in Texas gets the high quality education they deserve. Incumbent Democrat Mavis Knight is rumored to not be seeking re-election to the State Board.

Update, 2:40 pm: Long rumored and finally confirmed, El Paso Judge Bill Moody will be the Democratic nominee for Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Judge Moody had run for Texas Supreme Court three times previously, and was the Democratic ticket leader in 2006 where he walked across Texas to earn the votes of Texans from all walks of life. Judge Moody is also the father of El Paso State Rep. Joe Moody.

Update, 2:12 pm: All the money in the world will not keep Former NRCC Chair Pete Sessions safe! Attorney Frank Perez has filed to run for congressional district 32. Mr. Perez is also a four year veteran of the Air Force, a twelve year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, and a former assistant district attorney in Dallas County.

Update, 2:00 pm: “Ducky Pajamas” Farenthold is not going to go unopposed this year! Wesley Reed has filed for the Democratic nomination of congressional district 27. Mr. Reed is a pilot for Fed-Ex and is also a Lt. Col. with the Marine Corps reserve. He and his wife Lori live with their three kids in Corpus Christi.

Update, 1:43 pm: Hugh A. Fitzsimons has filed to run for Texas Agricultural Commissioner. He is from Carrizo Springs, Texas and is a fifth generation rancher. He currently raises bison with Thunderheart Bison. Mr. Fitsimmons currently sits on the Wintergarden Water Conservation District and has said water and responsible environmental protection will be some of the main issues behind his campaign. You can read more about Mr. Fitzsimmons in the following New York Times article on water fracking in Texas.

Update, 1:18 pm: Tawana Cadien is running as a Democrat for congressional district 10 which is currently held by Republican Mike McCaul. She is a registered nurse educator from the City of Cypress in Harris County. She is running to give congressional district 10's constituents a real voice in Washington DC.

Update, 11:06 am: Democrats will contest every seat up in 2014 for the Texas State Board of Education! Kathy King of Port Neches, an occupational therapy assistant who has worked with school districts for over thirteen years, will seek the Democratic nomination to run against extremist Republican incumbent David Bradley. Mrs. King tells me she will not let David Bradley bully her around.

Update, 10:51 am: Retired Methodist minister Robert Bohmfalk has filed for the Democratic nomination for State Representative, District 44. This central Texas district includes Guadalupe and Wilson Counties. He will be running against incumbent Republican John Kuempel.

Update, 10:34 am: The Democrats now have a candidate for Texas Senate District 5 against incumbent Republican Charles Schwertner. Joel Shapiro, a Cedar Park retiree, has filed to run for the Democratic nomination in this Central Texas district.

Update, 10:23 am: John Granberg has come to file for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place #3! He is a lawyer from El Paso who practices criminal law at the state and federal level. He is licensed to practice in both Texas and New Mexico. Mr. Granberg had previously run for a Justice of the Peace position in El Paso many years ago.

Update, 9:28 am: El Paso Judge Bill Moody (D), who has previously run for Texas Supreme Court, has arrived at the Texas Democratic Party Headquarters with a long list of petitions. Could he be getting ready for another statewide run for Texas Democrats?

Update, 9:15 am: Off the Kuff has our first update of the day. Yesterday, Democrats picked up two new state house candidates in Harris County. Luis Lopez (D) will run in in House District 132 which is being left open by Bill Callegeri (R) and Fred Vernon (D) will be running against Dwayne Boahc (R) in House District 138.


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