Vote for Rick Perry to Win 'Worst Governor in America'!

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Rick Perry's on his way out of office, and we should send him out with a win that reflects his time at Texas' helm. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has a public survey out on who is the worst governor in America.

While the competition is stiff (though not sharp), including Florida's Rick Scott and Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Rick Perry takes the cake. From decimating public education in Texas to handing over our state to his campaign donors, to violating voting rights and women's rights, Rick Perry deserves your vote.

Here's the CREW description of this candidate:

They say don't mess with Texas, but Gov. Perry's record is a mess. He used multimillion-dollar state programs as slush funds to reward political allies and donors, and flouts transparency by obscuring his security costs and daily schedule. He's also been double-dipping by collecting a state pension while simultaneously drawing salary as governor.

More below the jump.Amazingly, despite his 2012 drubbing, Rick Perry is publicly considering another run for president. Maybe it's pure arrogance, maybe it's shame in his status as a standing national joke, or maybe it's something else. Whatever the reason, let's add “Worst Governor in America” to Rick Perry's (un)accomplishments as he heads into a second presidential loss and an exit from public life.

You can vote for Perry — probably for the first time in your life — right here.


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