Conservative Group Airs Thanksgiving Ad Thanking Senator Ted Cruz

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If you're one of the many Texans who complemented their turkey with some football yesterday, you may have encountered an unexpected and perhaps unwelcome advertisement: an ad thanking Senator Ted Cruz for his service.

In case you were wondering, no the ad wasn't from the DNC thanking Ted Cruz for tanking Republican approval ratings, and yes, the ad was completely serious.

The “Thank You, Ted Cruz” ad was sponsored by the Conservative Campaign Committee and aired during Thanksgiving NFL games on 12 TV stations across Texas. In the ad, a conservative narrator thanks Ted Cruz for “'step[ping]forward' to take on the 'disastrous Obamacare scheme' by 'doing everything he could to stop Obamacare before it could hurt Americans,'” suggesting that the group is totally out of touch with the actual needs of Texans, who desperately require the health insurance that the Affordable Care Act provides.

See the ad, and read more about who's behind it, after the jump.The ad begins by claiming that “millions of Americans” have lost their insurance due to Obamacare, which is blatantly false. Then, not only does the ad thank Ted Cruz for standing up to Obamacare, it makes him out to be an American hero of sorts. It juxtaposes Cruz's fake filibuster with clips of MSNBC's Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough criticizing Cruz, underscoring “the CCC's belief that Cruz 'withstood the criticism' and 'showed the courage of his convictions' by leading the charge to defund Obamacare.”

The group behind the ad, the Conservative Campaign Committee, is a national Repbublican PAC with a history of backing mostly losing Republican candidates, such as Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Ken Cuccinelli. They gave a little over $24,000 to Ted Cruz's campaign in 2012. They've received donations from individuals nationwide, including several from Texas.

According to the CCC's website, prior to 2013, they “were known as The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.” Their current Facebook page is still titled “1 Million People to Defeat Barack Obama,” (though it only has 164,000 likes).

Although the CCC has received money from some Texans, it's clear that they are out of touch with the majority of Texas residents, who have little to thank Cruz for. Cruz's biggest “accomplishment,” the government shutdown, hurt Texans immensely by leaving them out of work for weeks. To make matters worse, he's already planning the next way he can derail insuring Texans by sabotaging Congressional budget talks. Cruz is proud of doing nothing in the Senate as millions of Texans remain uninsured, our public schools suffer, and food insecurity skyrockets. He's made hypocritical statements, praised bigots, and failed to represent the interests of large parts of his constituency. The CCC is absolutely wrong–Senator Ted Cruz is not someone Texans should be thankful for.

You can watch the CCC's “Thank you, Ted Cruz” ad below.


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