Your Austin City Council: The Interactive Map

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Last week, Austin's Independent Citizen's Redistricting Commission completed the City Council District map, which will be used for the first time in the 2014 November elections.

[UPDATE: As of late Monday night, the Commission officially certified this map, making it final.]

Today, the Commission released an interactive version of its map. So, take a look below and zoom into your house (or the house of your favorite friend-candidate) to figure out what district you live in! And if you're a Democrat living in District 6, 8, or 10; you should think about running in your important swing district.

Click below the fold to view the interactive map!  

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District 1 District 1
District 2 District 2
District 3 District 3
District 4 District 4
District 5 District 5
District 6 District 6
District 7 District 7
District 8 District 8
District 9 District 9
District 10 District 10


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  1. DeLayne Hudspeth on

    I have studied your maps and find my location… but not the district for this location.
    Please advise my city council district for 11616 February Drive (78753)
    Thank you very much.

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