Sam Houston (D) Files for Attorney General; Sits Down with Burnt Orange Report

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On Thursday, Houston attorney Sam Houston arrived at the Texas Democratic Party headquarters in Austin to officially file for the Democratic nomination of Texas Attorney General. Mr. Houston was kind enough to sit down with me for a few minutes to discuss his campaign, his history, and what he believes he would do if he were elected Texas Attorney General.

Mr. Houston, who has been practicing law for 26 years, earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas and his law degree from Baylor. He mentioned he had wanted to be lawyer ever since he was a little kid. His love of the law lead to his decision to run for Texas Attorney General. With his law degree, he has acted as both a prosecutor and defender of Texans, and is ready to bring all of his skills and knowledge with him to public office as they are needed.

When asked what needed to change most in the office of Attorney General, Mr. Houston stated that the lack of balance was what he found most troubling on how the office had conducted itself in recent years, specifically under the leadership of incumbent Greg Abbott (R) and the predecessor, John Cornyn (R). He elaborated, the office should not be used for political or partisan means nor as a stepping stone to get to be a US Senator or Governor of Texas. Specifically, Houston pointed out that Texas needed to stop viewing our federal government as naturally hostile and should stop filing lawsuits just to make political or partisan statements; lawsuits should be filed because they are valid under the law and will bring money to Texas.

Mr. Houston previously ran for office in 2008 when he ran for Texas Supreme Court; in that race he received 46% of the vote and lead the Democratic ticket. When asked how he felt about leading the ticket he said he was disappointed because he did not win that race. However, he said he learned a lot and is ready to take the lessons from his past experience with him as he runs with Sen. Wendy Davis to victory in 2014!

You can listen to my entire interview with Sam Houston, Democratic candidate for Texas Attorney General, after the jump!


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