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Tea Partiers Continue to Disrespect Women and Latinos, Call Senator Van de Putte "Barrio Boopsie"

by: Shelby Alexander

Thu Nov 21, 2013 at 02:32 PM CST

What a week for GOP outreach in the great state of Texas.

First we had the UT Young Conservatives' xenophobic and disturbing "game" which made light of the daily struggle approximately 400 of their fellow classmates live with on a daily basis.

If that wasn't enough, Tea Partiers decided to continue on this week's bigoted streak by calling Senator Leticia Van de Putte "barrio boopsie."

This is equally offensive and on par with the misogyny directed towards Senator Wendy Davis by calling her "abortion barbie." Now, tea partiers are making sure their nickname for long-time public servant Senator Van de Putte, who has served in the Texas Legislature since 1990, is both misogynist and racist.

Tea Partier Rick Atkinson coined this offensive term under his blog for the McKinney Tea Party. This type of name calling isn't surprising from the hard right- Atkinson blatantly mocks the State Senator's background, and the largely Latino district she represents. Instead of giving Atkinson more hits, you can read the blurb from the blog (screenshot taken by the Austin Chronicle) here.

However, conservatives still seem think even despite this rhetoric, they can appeal to women-identified and Latino voters. As the large outpouring of support for undocumented Longhorns at UT proved yesterday, Texans are tired of the GOP making jokes and playing games with peoples' identities and struggles.

Read more below the jump.

What this shows is that conservatives will continue to devalue strong female leaders, and leaders of color, as they see fit. Tea partiers have long used racist and misogynist rhetoric to get their point across. The rest of the GOP has continued to do as little as possible to silence those in their party who use this language. Like we saw from the Abbott campaign's response to the YCT event, they will take as minimal responsibility possible for the xenophobia and racism expressed by their own staffers, and will do anything to blame it on Wendy Davis, whether or not it makes sense.

Battleground Texas had this to say about this week's events:

"With racist efforts like the game at UT and Tea Party activists in North Texas referring to respected public servant and longtime state Senator Leticia Van de Putte as 'Barrio Boopsie,' it's clear Republicans like Abbott are out of step with mainstream Texans and out of touch with the needs of more than one third of the state's population. Unless Abbott and his fellow Republicans drastically change their policies to reflect the concerns and values of the minority communities that are the backbone of the state's diversity and strength, they can expect serious challenges in 2014-and in the years to come."

While offensive and disappointing, the work conservatives have done this week to exclude Texans only reiterates the need for better, more progressive leadership in this to better reflect and represent the diversity of our state.

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Head Hunting for a New Texas Senator and Governor Maybe 2 Senators (0.00 / 0)
The Source of Abundance of Natural Regenerating Resources
Human Beings?

"Not long ago, head hunting was the rave among Amazon clans which gave way to deculturalization by a society that knew its strength by corresponding with other heads. In the same time period, a male dominated Anthropology rewrote theories that excluded the view of women of anthropology who know their strength by using their own heads."

Monetary value is based on "quality of life" not the worth of the dollar. The best economic health indicator of a State of or country is "how well those who can no longer take care themselves are taken care of by a particular state or country." History has shown us, when care of those that are dependent on social services such as basic medical needs, deteriorates to point of increasing the mortality rate [death rate] to notable spikes, an economic adjustment must be made, or that State or Country is doom to economic collapse.

When any economic system is faced with a short term financial emergency, Injecting more capital  or printing more money are sometimes necessary emergency measures, secondary to increasing the monetary value, if it is true that monetary value is based on the "quality of life" of the inhabitants of a particular state or country's economic system.

"Quality of life" is a capitalist argument, or the way capitalism works, which has nothing to do with social welfare because monetary value is not based on the worth of the dollar, but the worth of the people that inhabit or are governed by a particular state of country.

Quality of life, or how well a people live, be they Africans witnessing the devastation of the forest in Cameroon, a farmer in South Texas loses everything to drought, or a Manhattan Tycoon, who fires half of his staff because his child cannot have strawberries on demand, has nothing to do with monetary value, if the value of the dollar is dependent on the quality of life of its own people.

Quality of life is the way capitalism works, and has nothing to do with environmental protective regulations because monetary value is not based on the worth of the dollar. How many times have you heard "the best things in life are free" and "money cannot buy you success"? I didn't believe it full heartily ether, until I made several visits to a Mayo Clinic in Florida. I saw the most expensive automobiles money can buy from a Porsche to a vintage Royal Royce, pull up to emergency entrance room, and the best dressed people, walked inside to find out that money has nothing to do with if you live or if you die.
Ecology or our natural environment, is not dependent on monetary value, but the survival of the fittest, so this is certainly not an environmentalist plea to save the whale, but a capitalist concern if we don't save the whale, are own investments have no monetary value.  Big Oil and Timber corporations are learning that money has no value, if you cannot buy anything with it simple because monetary value is measured by "Quality of life" it's true indicator , which is what I got from this company's web statement:

"Forest management is changing. Good management once meant simply protecting soils and regenerating forests following timber harvest. Today, however, we know that the forests need more than fertile soil and young trees to be productive over the long term. We also know that for many people wildlife habitat, recreation, and aesthetics are at least as important as timber production. This means managing for more than just trees. It means managing to protect the many other benefits that forests provide, too."

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs is life threatening to all human beings not just a wildlife habitat, recreation, and a human aesthetics concern. The following thesis statement was written by me summer 2007 while in college just before my graduation fall 2008 "Class of Global Economic Collapse." I lost my small business and all my money, but retained my "quality of life" which is dependent on the laws of nature or what Capitalism is all about!

"The endangerment or extinction of primate species is weighed carefully against human population needs and forest resources. The disappearance of the great apes certainly have a negative aesthetic affect on the human psyche; however, the extinction of the chimpanzee, man's closet relative, precariously shifts humans to the top of the endangered primate list. Troglodytes or robust chimpanzee share not only biological similarities to humans but also social and psychological adaptive traits to cope in diverse or diminishing habitat. If these creatures can no longer cope in a diminishing environment, a global concern for our own existence could be in serious question (O'Dell)."

The report is still posted on one my web pages were I have placed a donation gadget, which earned a grand total of $650.00 over the last six years to save the forest in such places such as the Cameroon Korup National park, Africa. I believe now, that if I were to achieve a billion or two billion dollars in donations that all the money in the world will not save us, if we continue with bizarre notions that monetary value is based on the amount of a stock exchange dividend payout or unsound economic reasoning such as the "Wealthy few Trickle Down Effect" which is not capitalism, it's just bad math.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, I posted a lead in blog to my web page titled "21st Century Human Head Hunters Post Financial Collapse Symptoms Rouge Traders Domestic Surveillance." A few people thought I was making a political statement jabbing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, after I wrote "Mitt Romney Paul Ryan "Go Back Kids" After Effects Post-Financial Collapse Fall 2008, Human Head Hunting In Cameroon 2012!"

Head Hunting is one of the adjustments of natural law, such as when Capitalism fails because those that have capital "The Wealthily Few" don't pay their taxes. I don't know either of the "Go Back Kids" personally but there ignorance of Capitalism will have shift retribution, even if they get away with lying and dishonestly and are elected.  They are not capitalist; they are completely disconnected with the reality of things and not understand economics, business or monetary value. I hope they don't lose their heads over it? I continued with a short paragraph and a credible supporting media source, as follows:

"Not long ago, head hunting was the rave amongst Amazon clans which gave way to deculturalization by a society that knew its strength by corresponding with other heads. In the same time period, a male dominated Anthropology rewrote theories that excluded the view of women of anthropology who know their strength by using their own heads."

Cameroon arrests suspected traffickers of human body parts
Reuters - 7 hrs ago.. .

"YAOUNDE (Reuters) - Authorities in Cameroon have arrested five people suspected of trafficking in body parts after they were discovered at a checkpoint carrying a severed human head, state radio and wildlife conservationists said on Tuesday."


More Later, I just got an email from Paul Ryan and they are plagiarizing my work. I replied to the email, but he used one of those "no response, I email you with lies" and you [Me or You] have no opportunity to respond to this email program. This was my response that was returned back to me as follows:

Dear Paul Ryan, I have been following you before your own home town grocer knew you were elected to congress. My interest in you is not because you are an interesting person but a "Person of Interest." Please enjoy my last week's underground radio broadcast at this link:

Paul Ryan is a big advocate against the Social Security program, but like I said he is so out of touch with the reality of things, he is not helping matters. A true Capitalist would look at the Social Security program and Capitalize on the real problem, which I intend to do and well on my way to making a profit by helping others help themselves as stake holders:

Mitt Romney Right Again Disabled Victims too Lazy for Work!

Mitt Romney Way too far out-of-touch
With the Reality of Things!

"70 Percent of Disabled Americans Want To Work Full-time, Only 21 Percent Have the Opportunity of the American Dream!"

The abundance of natural regenerating resources - Human Beings.

Greg O'Dell  

Gregory O'Dell

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