Don't Be Scared – Be Prepared!

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You may have been spooked by some of the things you've heard about the new voter id requirements. There are a lot of ghost stories floating around that could frighten voters away from the polls. But we've got everything you need to battle the forces of darkness!

    Step 1. Get prepared to vote with our Voting Guide. All of the facts and none of the fiction about what you REALLY need to vote in Texas.

    Step 2. Take the Voter ID Quiz to make sure you understand the new requirements. The best way to get over fear is to confront it.

    Step 3. Print out the Know Your Rights flyer in case you need to defend your voting rights. Kind of like your silver bullet.

    Step 4. After you vote, Share Your Story. Whether it was a dark and stormy night or everything was a-ok, let us know about your voting experience.

If you encounter any ghouls or goblins at the polls, contact us at 512-298-2014 or and we'll be on the case!


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