Public Policy Polling Taking Survey Suggestions for Texas Poll to be Conducted this Weekend

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Public Policy Polling (PPP) held its regular online reader's choice poll on what state they should poll next. The winner, beating out other states including Iowa, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and more; and will have the right to be analyzed by the national pollster, is Texas!

We can expect PPP's poll to deliver a head-to-head snapshot of next year's Governor's race between Sen. Wendy Davis (D) and General Greg Abbott (R) as well as favorabilities for both candidates. We should also expect to see favorability ratings for President Obama (D), Governor Perry (R), and Sens. Cruz (R) and Cornyn (R). Whatever else may polled is unknown; and this is where you come in!

Go to PPP's website now, log in using a personal social networking account you already have, and leave a comment on what questions you would like to see PPP ask while surveying other Texans. I suggested polling the primary and general elections for the Lieutenant Governor's race, primary candidates (real and potential) against Sen. Cornyn, and who is to blame for shutting down the government, in addition to the popularity of Sen. Cruz's “filibuster.”

What do you think PPP should ask of our fellow Texans? Do you want to see if Debra Medina can play spoiler as an independent if she runs for Governor? Do you want to know what Texans think of the Affordable Care Act? Do you want to know if Texans think it is okay to raise taxes to fund education? Do you want to know who is Texas' most popular sports team? Go to their website now and let your voice be heard!


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Joseph was raised in Friendswood, Texas in North Galveston County. He went on to graduate from the University of North Texas with a degree in Political Science. After working for multiple campaigns, Joseph was able to work in the 83rd legislature in Austin in 2013. While retired from professional campaign work, Joseph enjoys sharing his knowledge of campaign data how to win elections in naturally unfriendly turf with others. Joseph is an avid archer and enjoys all things geek including Star Wars and DC Comics.

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