Friday Wrap: Ted Nugent Takes Up Campaign Work, Torchy's Tacos Files Suit, and More…

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It's time for the Friday Wrap, where your Burnt Orange Reporters comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

First up this week, some genius chefs at the Texas Motor Speedway has invented a beer and bacon flavored milkshake. Because of course they did. Learn the recipe (it's made with Blue Bell!) below:

Below the jump, check out some Texas Congressional Democrat Twitter team spirit, the latest in Ted Cruz's long line of unfunny, off-color jokes, and more…

Aww, Texas Democratic Congressional Delegation gettin' all chummy on Twitter:

-Katherine Haenschen


Some rockers fade away, others burnout and still others continue to flare up like a bad case of the gout. Ted “Suck On My Machine Gun” Nugent told the Texas Tribune that he will serve as treasurer and co-chairman of former state Rep. Sid Miller's campaign for agriculture commissioner.

-Joe Deshotel


Pastors Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio are begging America not to buy “lesbian,” “communist” Girls Scout cookies. Swanson warned that the “wicked” Girl Scouts are promoting “lesbianism” and abortion, calling the cookies “food offered to idols.”

So… I guess I am a lesbian now.

-Omar Araiza


Research has yet to show any correlation between size of heel and size of IQ but that won't stop some men from making the assumption. In the meantime, let's hope women in technology and all other industries take those power shoes and keep smashing the glass ceiling with them!

-Katherine Haenschen


Torchy's Tacos is suing a Houston-area restaurant called Texas Tacos for allegedly stealing their recipes. According Torchy's, they have security camera footage of a former cook sticking their “Taco Bible” under his shirt and stealing it. The cook now works at Texas Tacos. Perhaps that's why Texas Tacos' menu appears to be essentially the same as Torchy's, with many taco descriptions copied word for word. So, let this be a lesson to all you taco fanatics out there–don't mess with Torchy's!

-Katie Singh


Ted Cruz makes a joke, the Tea Party laughs and America shakes its head…”Have you all noticed, you know the Nigerian email scammers?…They've been a lot less active lately, because they've all been hired to run the Obamacare websites.”

-Joe Deshotel


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