Greg Abbott Supporters Make Public Death Threats Against Wendy Davis

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The comments on Greg Abbott's Facebook posts are getting very, very ugly.

Abbott's male supporters are routinely making death threats against Wendy Davis.

In the image to the right, a man demands that someone shoot Davis. There are far too many examples of this kind of rhetoric up and down Abbott's official campaign Facebook page. This escalates the disgraceful rhetoric his campaign has already promoted — Abbott personally thanked someone who called Davis “retard barbie” and the campaign's top strategist publicized an article calling Davis “too stupid to be governor”.

Worst of all, the Abbott campaign appears not to moderate its comments at all to weed out such hateful, violent remarks. But removing them isn't enough.

Greg Abbott's campaign should not only remove threats against Wendy Davis on their Facebook page, they should publicly condemn those who threaten her health and safety.

See many more examples of this violent rhetoric below the jump.Here, a man with a confederate flag profile photo expresses his wish for Davis' death:

These hideous threats appear among many comments that are deeply disturbing, often sexist, and show a Texas GOP that harbors the worst among us without shame or apology.

Three call for Davis to be hung:

Another calls for her to be shot:

For Davis, the 2014 election is about expanding the Texas electorate, not trying to convince the rabid and violent to support rationality. Such hate is not a problem for her campaign, but it is clearly a problem for the Abbott campaign that is harboring such threats.

Unfortunately, Abbott may not see it that way. He has a cozy friendship with a blogger who routinely threatens violence against Democrats and goes on sexist rants against Davis. That's the same blogger whose “Why Wendy Davis Is Too Stupid To Be Governor” Abbott's top strategist tweeted out.

This vitriol is unacceptable, and Abbott's campaign should publicly renounce such supporters, and make sure such threats no longer find a home through their campaign. But don't hold your breath.


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