Congressmen Doggett and O'Rourke Show Continued Support to Release the #Dream30

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While the majority of the group associated with the #Dream30 remains in detention in El Paso, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance has been working hard to build momentum from the outside as they call on members of Congress to support the release of the Dreamers.

In the previous #BringThemHome campaign, the Dream 9 was successful in their release due to increasing outside pressure, some of which was aided by Congressional support. A significant number of letters, including one signed by 34 Congressional leaders, were sent to the President on their behalf. And despite the stakes being just as high (if not more) the second time around, it seems that the #Dream30 has not received the same level of support that surrounded the previous group.

However, Texas Congressmen Lloyd Doggett and Beto O'Rourke joined two other Democratic Representatives (Raúl Grijalva of Arizona and Yvette Clarke of New York) in a new letter yesterday to President Obama asking for the release of the Dream 30. Doggett has been a long supporter of comprehensive immigration reform, and O'Rourke's support is especially notable, since the Dream 30 are currently being detained in his district. While both members signed the previous letter, this type of unwavering support is what we need from all of our progressive leaders to bring the Dreamers home.

Read more below the jump.The letter sent to President Obama emphasizes the need for these and other undocumented youths to have equal access to opportunities to succeed in the US and be with their families:

“We commend your dedication to ensuring young people who came to this nation as children are given fair opportunities to pursue higher education and military service, and continue to contribute to the success of this country.”

The letter also reiterates the frustrations of many who are forced to live with the burden of a broken immigration system, and explains that the detained Dreamers should not be burdened again by being held in detention:

“We appreciate the DREAMers' frustration concerning their tenuous legal status in the United States. These young people should be allowed to return home. We understand they now face a potentially lengthy adjudication process to determine the legal consequences of their actions, but for now, rather than continue to use federal resources to hold these students indefinitely, please release these young DREAMers and allow them to go him to their families and communities.

The rest of the letter can be read here.

Dream 30 supporters have continued to encourage the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to come out officially for the release of this group of undocumented detainees. Many of their supporters have been been visiting DC and district offices, staging sit-ins, and asking their representatives to support the Dreamers and bring broken families together.

In an email update today from the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, they stated that Representatives Gutierrez, Hinojosa, and Becerra were going to have a call with lawyers from ICE/DHS to find out the status of the pending parole request for the remaining detainees.

The only hope is for more people to speak out against the unjust detention of the Dream 30 and all those who have been impacted by this system.  


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