Friday Wrap: One of the Chronicles Retracts Cruz Endorsement, a Bisexual Disney Princess, and More

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It's Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to close some browser tabs and touch on the issues of the week.

The Shutdown is finally over and Tumblr meme Motivational Biden brought you some muffins to celebrate!

Below the jump, read about the press conference Texas Fair Share held about the shutdown, watch a Snuggiefied version of a Beyonce video, and more…

This week, Texas Fair Share, OFA-TX, Texas AFL-CIO, Sierra Club and held a press conference with federal Texas workers who are furloughed to demand that Congress do the job it was elected to do – make sure the government works and make sure our country meets its obligations.

“The situation will continue to get worse – much worse – the longer the shutdown continues,” Texas Fair Share's Michael McCann said. “For so many Americans, the shutdown is an insult that adds to injury. In the wake of the 2008 recession, the income gap has widened between the richest Americans and those struggling day to day to make ends meet. Too many families live in poverty – and many middle class families are living on the brink of poverty. Who knows how many families will fall out of the safety net unless Congress halts the political brinkmanship and focus on real policies that address the widening income gap and invest in rebuilding our economy to grow the middle class.”

-Katherine Haenschen

This is the perfect cure for the Mondays, or any moment when you're feeling down. Talent, Beyonce, snuggies: this clip has it all. You're welcome!

-Genevieve Cato

A Disney Princess was revealed to be bisexual. Mulan, one of the Disney characters on 'Once Upon A Time,' came out this week on the Disney-ABC show after revealing her unrequited love for “Sleeping Beauty” princess Aurora. Video below:

-Omar Araiza

In an editorial this week entitled, “Why We Miss Kay Bailey Hutchison,” the Houston Chronicle officially acknowledged that it was a mistake to endorse Ted Cruz for the US Senate and retracted the honor.

They said Cruz was “part of the problem” and not part of the solution.

-Joe Deshotel


-Katherine Haenschen

How non-Americans see American norms. What's up with all the bread haters!? Our bread is totally yummy. 'Merica.

-Omar Araiza

The Intellectual Entrepreneurship program at the University of Texas is making great strides to advance minority graduate school enrollment. The Dallas Morning News ran an interview with Professor Rick Cherwitz, who runs the program.

-Katherine Haenschen

The Grassroots Leadership blog reported on a lunch date Representative Cecil Bell Jr. had with GEO Group representatives, based on a picture he tweeted out. This for-profit private prison company has sought operations primarily in Montgomery County, and has attracted an array of negative attention from various scandals, deaths, and lawsuits. Grassroots Leadership urges Bell as a member of the Appropriations committee and as a former Deacon that he should be a little wiser with the company he chooses to keep.

-Shelby Alexander


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