“A Plan I Liked”: Ted Cruz’s Speechwriter Laments Loss Of Government Health Insurance

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Speechwriter and Communications advisor for Ted Cruz lit up Twitter last night when she complained that, “It’s almost November and I have no idea what my health plan will be or what it will cost in January.”

It wasn’t long before she was apparently inundated with tweets reminding her of why she lost her current health insurance — Senate Republicans pushed an Amendment to force Congressional staff onto DC exchanges after cutting their initial employer-provided plans.

What’s worse is her boss Ted Cruz wanted to remove all federal employees’ insurance coverage and force them to the very exchanges they are voting to defund. So not only did they strip their staff of insurance but they immediately transitioned into trying to defund the alternative without providing any additional options. The exchanges were set up, not for people like Congressional staff who already were insured, but for the tens of millions of Americans who do not currently have access to affordable health insurance.

The bottom line is Congressional Republicans’ only goal is to see the president fail, even if the collateral damage is their own employees’ health coverage. Fortunately for Amanda and her colleagues, Obamacare covers preexisting conditions, including being thrown under the bus.

In politics when you are explaining, you are losing, and it seems Amanda had a tough time getting her mixed-message across. In response to those pointing out the inconvenient truth she tweeted, “If you guys think I am complaining about the Vitter amendment you are mistaken. I’m upset about being forced into DC exchange. Period.” She then went back and referenced the same Amendment tweeting that her issue was the, “Requirement that all staff use DC exchange. Little noticed aspect of Obamacare.” Typical double speak from a DC speechwriter. She would not be on the exchange which was set up for the uninsured had her boss not taken away her health plan in order to spite the President.

She is essentially complaining that the government is not treating her better while her boss Ted Cruz orchestrates it’s dismantling. Congressional staff, regardless of their boss’ party affiliation, shouldn’t be used as pawns to settle political scores.

Her job as a Ted Cruz talking-pointer prevents her from holding him accountable in anyway publicly but not all staffers are so eager to tow the line. “I understand it politically, and as a talking point,” one Republican staffer told Mother Jones but he concluded, “Congress literally threw staff under the bus.”

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