Rep. Pete Gallego Tells Boehner to End the Shutdown

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A few days ago, Democratic Rep. Pete Gallego sent a letter to Boehner asking for an end to the government shutdown, which continues to devastate the economy and deny crucial benefits and paychecks to Americans.

Seven other Democrat representatives from Texas signed the letter as well, which graciously opened with “Dear Speaker Boehner” and not “Dear (Failing) Tea Party Babysitter.”

In the letter, Gallego emphasizes the impact of the shutdown on Texas businesses, families, and service members. He concludes by saying that the shutdown “sets a horrible precedent” and calls for the House to vote on the Senate-passed spending bill.

Read more about Rep. Gallego's letter below the jump.In a statement released with the letter, Congressman Pete Gallego discussed a constituent who has been denied her disability check due to the shutdown: “A woman in Alpine who has cancer and counts on her social security disability check said she can no longer afford to live.

But while Rep. Gallego is fighting for Americans to have access to basic services, Republicans like Paul Ryan are still attempting to hold the budget hostage in order to defund Obamacare (right? Is that what they're still saying it's about?) and strip women of access to contraception.

The shutdown is wreaking havoc on the nation's economy, especially as we approach the deadline for raising the debt ceiling.

“All told, nearly 140,000 federal employees in Texas could be out of work,” Gallego wrote. He also referenced the shutdown's effects on small businesses who may not receive federal loans on time.

Pete Gallego isn't the only Texas legislator demanding that Boehner do his job. Last week, Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett also called on Boehner and House Republicans to put an end to the “Republican Shutdown Caucus,” which includes Ted Cruz, the brilliant architect of what feels like an unfunny, two-week-long slapstick bit. Democratic Texas Reps. Henry Cuellar, Sheila Jackson Lee, Gene Green, Marc A. Veasey, Beto O'Rourke, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and Filemon Vela also signed Gallego's letter.

But as long as Republican representatives remain some of the only government employees receiving a paycheck—and for doing literally nothing, at that—this “manufactured crisis,” as Pete Gallego calls it, could continue. Sounds like it's time to shuffle the deck.


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