Rick Perry Tells Texans They May Get Health Care If They'd Just Get A Job

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Rick Perry has released a new ad in the wake of another job poaching tour of California where he also humored the San Francisco Chronicle with an interview. As far as rhetoric, the guy is on a roll, but his ideas aren't likely to resonate anymore nationally in his 2nd first impression.

Perry said that Texas doesn't, “judge success on the number of people we have on public assistance.” And neither do Democrats, but we do count it as a failure when you have the most individuals of any state that actually need it.

Perry continued his attack on the Affordable Care Act and insisted that Texas leading the nation in uninsured is not a problem. He told SF Gate, “Texas has some of the finest health care, (most) accessible, in the country.” For 6 million Texans “accessible” means the emergency room, yet Perry maintained that Texans, “for decades, have decided that this is the way we're going to deliver health care.”

Many individuals would have also qualified for coverage under Medicaid but the Governor rejected the offer insisting that, “It's like putting another thousand people on the Titanic.” Medicaid is a state implemented program so lets expound on this metaphor. Rick Perry is the captain of the Titanic and his crew is refusing to let the poor women and children onto the life rafts.

See the Ad below the jump and what Perry has to say to Texans without insurance…The logic is simple for Perry, if you want health insurance just buy it, “or be in a company that delivers that health care.” When pressed on the fact that 2/3rd of the uninsured are employed he said, “Again, it goes back to the choice that people get to make. Would you rather have a job, or would you rather be on public assistance? It's as simple as that.” For Rick Perry the answer has been “both” almost his entire adult life, and yet he completely ignores the economic reality for millions of Texans who work but can't afford medical debt or insurance policies for their entire family.  According to Commonwealth Fund Texas ranks 51 out of 51 with regard to “Access and Affordability” for low income populations.

Rick Perry would have you believe he is a fiscal conservative, but the evidence is overwhelming that emergency room visits cost far more than administering preventative care over the long term — which the Affordable Care Act requires. Turning down $100 billion over 10 years in federal funds for Medicaid also denies money to Texans for health care they deserve.

The Governor continues to make the case for less government and lower taxes even as parts of his own state are running out of water and reverting to gravel roads due to a lack of investment in infrastructure. It's a position he can only afford to take because the oil and gas industry continues to rain down money on our Economic Stabilization Fund. He is selling other states a bill of goods because no matter how much they lower taxes it will never produce massive shale formations beneath their feet or provide any of the other natural advantages Texas has over other states.

Rick Perry started his career as a door-to-door salesman and this multi-state campaign with Americans for Economic Freedom seems a lot like a product re-launch. He is not hiding his ambition to repeat a bid for the Republican nomination in 2016. When asked about what he learned from the last run he said, “get in early.”

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