#GivetoWendy to Build a Better Texas

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Texas Democrats have had been excited before about strong democratic candidates in the past, anyone who has been in Texas longer than four years knows this. But Wendy is entering the gubernatorial race with more than just excitement, she comes into this statewide candidacy with a brand new democratic infrastructure alongside her campaign.

Battleground Texas, the new political organization working to turn Texas Blue is dedicated to data driven voter contact, and the idea that volunteers within their own communities can significantly impact state and local elections.

This is no small thing. This type of organizational structure is somewhat new to the professional political landscape. Field has always been the framework and lifeblood of smaller campaigns, but had not been considered a serious factor in national campaigns until very recently, namely from the two Obama Team victories (Hello Ohio).

See more about how Wendy will work to build this game changing infrastructure below the jump.So how is Wendy different? Well for starters there was that history making filibuster. What this meant and still means for Texas Democrats is hard to overstate. What happened on that June day was the definition of a BFD.

The most interesting part of the citizens filibuster and Wendy's filibuster was that it wasn't planned. Yes there were efforts to get people out to testify against the bill, and they did come out in droves, and those groups do deserve a lot of credit. But in terms of what happened with Wendy, that day, no one could expect, predict, or plan the kind of outpouring of support that came on that fateful night.

That kind of giant show of public support shows not only strength in numbers for Democrats, but also means that there are people who believe in democratic ideals in Texas that are willing to fight for them and willing to show up and defend those ideals. It is the definition of making politics personal, and this is new Democrats in Texas.

If Battleground Texas alongside Wendy Davis can prove that showing up to vote is just as, if not more important than what happened this summer, and channel that same enthusiasm to the voting booth next year, then it's anyone's ballgame for the Governor's Office.

We the numbers, we have the infrastructure, and we finally have a great and amazing candidate people want to support, now all we need is you.

Please consider giving to Wendy so Wendy can Build a Better Texas for everyone!  


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Chaille Jolink

Chaille Jolink was born and raised in Austin, Texas and has more than a decade of experience working in Texas politics. Her interest began when she was a Senate Messenger in 2003, and she's since worked for several different legislators and candidates. She started reporting in 2007 for GalleryWatch.com, and has been a contributor to several different publications. Chaille is a graduate of the University of Texas and enjoys fashion, baseball, and playing any team sport. Chaille tweets @ChailleMcCann.

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