#GiveToWendy Guest Post: Why My Friend Wendy Davis is Right for Texas

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Although I'm a Texantonian these days, my heart remains in the Lone Star State!

I care about Texas and its future. I cut my political chops in campaigns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was lucky enough to come to know Wendy Davis. I consider her a friend.  

Before moving to Washington DC she was my State Senator too, so I saw all too well her work ethic, her leadership, and her care for community, state and country.  

Read more about why Wendy Davis is right for Texas after the jump.Wendy is an inspiring woman, with an inspiring story that I and many other Texans find relatable.  I too come from humble beginnings, having grown up in a blue-collar family as the son of a brick layer and stay-at-home mother. I grew up gay in the belt buckle of the Bible Belt that is Texas. Despite hard work and dedication I couldn't help but wonder if I was strong enough, smart enough, and determined enough to be successful-the odds often seemed too great to overcome.

I'm the first in my family to graduate with higher education and have overcome those seemingly insurmountable odds to now find myself living and working in Washington DC. There is so much about Wendy Davis that has been both relatable and inspiring to me in the time that I have come to know her as a person and an elected official. I truly feel she has made me personally a better and stronger man. It is well past time that not only Texans get to know her, and be inspired by her and her leadership, but so too should our great nation. The Lone Star State needs Wendy Davis as its 48th Governor!

Texas needs a governor that will fight for working-class Texans, and who understands that a strong public education system, with access to affordable higher education creates the workers and leaders of tomorrow. Texas needs a governor that will clean up the cesspool of corruption that has encapsulated Austin under Rick Perry. Texas needs a governor who is inclusive of the diversity that the state's population represents, not divisive.  It's time to unlock the potential that we all know the Lone Star State has and we can do that with Wendy Davis.

Join me in donating to Wendy Davis for Governor of Texas! #GiveToWendy


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