#GivetoWendy Roundup: Posts From the Wendy Davis Blog-Raiser

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Today, Burnt Orange Report teamed up with over 30 blogs from around Texas and across the rest of the country to raise money for Wendy Davis. Bloggers from every corner of the internet wrote about why their readers should give to Wendy's campaign.

Wendy Davis has inspired Texans and non-Texans alike, and it's been incredible to see just how much support she's garnered from everyone today.

If you haven't contributed to Wendy Davis yet, you still can. Together, we can help get her closer to the Governor's Mansion.

Read what progressive blogs had to say about Wendy Davis today after the jump!Brittanie Shey spoke of why Wendy Davis's values are right for Texans:

But this isn't about Democrats vs. Republicans, or about women vs. men. It's about beliefs and values. Here are some of Wendy Davis's values: education, collaboration, preventative health care and truly serving the people, not the special interests, of Texas.


Randy Bear over at Concerned Citizens supports Wendy for lots of reasons, especially because she has stood up for public education:

During the 2011 legislative session when billions were cut from our state's education funding, Davis stood on the floor of the Senate and filibustered in protest of the cuts, forcing a special session to address the issues. Abbott's position has been to fight the Obama administration on many counts, including affirmative action. In fact, when looking at the issues, Abbott has no position on education in our state.


Ann Friedman recalled what she'd written during Wendy's historic filibuster this summer:

By the time Davis had stopped talking, hours later, this week was no longer about a few women speaking up. They were joined by women in the Texas Senate chamber, out the door in the rotunda, outside the capitol building, and on Twitter, and all over the world.


At Dos Centavos, Stace Medellin reminds us why grassroots donations are key to Wendy's (and other Democrats') success:

Much like every vote will matter, so will every dollar. And every dollar doesn't only help Wendy Davis in her run, but the energy she creates will be passed down to the rest of the Democratic ballot.

Eclectablog's Chris Savage praised Wendy's dedication to standing up for all Texans:


But Wendy Davis stood up to the anti-women bullies. She showed courage and tenacity and leadership in the face of fierce adversity. She showed that she is fearless in her battle to fight for the rights of those who are being trampled by conservative dogma and those with a blatant corporatist agenda.


Over at Feministing, Vernoica Bayetti Flores noted all the ways our donations will help Wendy:

She can't do it alone, folks, and electoral campaigns: they cost a lot of money! Hiring the best campaign advisors, getting savvy media folks, printing signs and flyers, and doing the groundwork necessary to get folks familiar with the issues – among many other things – all costs a pretty penny, and Wendy Davis needs our help.


On his blog, Egberto Willies told us that true support for turning Texas blue requires action:

[Our] anger must now be turned into action. It is time to turn Texas blue. It is time to elect a governor that will solve Texas' healthcare, education, and quality of life problems.


Perry Dorrell at Brains and Eggs reminded us that we're all in this together

We all know that Texans need Wendy Davis in the governor's mansion. We need to give her the resources she needs to run the best campaign possible.


Susan Bankston of Juanita Jean's used a Seussian rhyme to take aim at Greg Abbott's attempts to woo Texas women:

What kind of man, unless he's some clown,

Would work so hard to keep women down?

Now he says “Ladies, for me you should vote!”

Greg Abbott must think Texas Women are dopes.


Lindsey at Feminist Justice League reminded us why Wendy Davis is a feminist superhero:

That's Wendy – doing what it takes to overcome adversity with her passion and seemingly inexhaustible energy.


The inimitable Off The Kuff wrote,

Ask yourself how you're going to feel if you wake up on November 5, 2014 to Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Now ask yourself how you're going to feel if you didn't do anything to help.


Julie Gillis thinks that Wendy could achieve what seems impossible:

I believe she can do what seems impossible for Texas. Wendy Davis can help turn Texas blue. And that's no easy task. It will take a hell of a lot to do it.


Harold Cook at Letters from Texas has never seen a candidate quite like Wendy, and it's inspired him:

If this were shaping up to be a typical election, and Wendy Davis was shaping up to be typical Democratic nominee for Governor, I'd be ready to throw in the towel – Democrats would suffer the same typical result. But this isn't the typical election. And Wendy Davis damn sure isn't the typical candidate; she's extraordinary.


Rachel Farris at Mean Rachel shared her best text ever:


Texas Leftist points out that Wendy Davis knows how to be a mature leader

The more people like Wendy Davis we bring to office in Texas, the less chance we'll have of ever going through another government shutdown, or threatening the livelihood of millions thanks to immature political brinksmanship. It starts right here, right now.


Andrea Greer at Nonsequiteuse told us how Wendy Davis will bring real leadership to Texas politics:

While Governor Perry and Senator Cruz think that governing means using your power to tell people no and bring progress to a screeching halt, Senator Davis knows that saying no isn't governing. It's a tantrum, and it is not how she rolls.


At Sensing Place, Andrea Roberts posted a motivational speech to get Texans to donate to Wendy:

Some people say the odds are against us. Let's change those odds.  Here's a pep talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pZHXQ698Ok


Nerdy Feminist A. Lynn wrote how Wendy gives us hope for the future

In a state with a population of 26 million people, the politics of Texas has a huge impact on a lot of people. We need that impact to be more positive, supporting, and empowering. A Davis administration would be a definitive step in the right direction.


Noah Horowitz at Texpatriate reminds us why our financial support is vital to Wendy's victory:

Wendy Davis will need some substantial financial support in order to run a competitive election against Greg Abbott next year.


Amy Gentry at The Oeditrix emphasizes the importance of giving early:

If you know you're going to vote for her in the election, and you want her to be a strong enough candidate to keep attracting support later in the race, go ahead and throw a dollar or two in the bucket right now. I hate to return to this snowball metaphor one more time, so I won't mention how snowballs get bigger. You get the point.


Meanwhile, Huey Rey Fischer at the Texas Monitor drives the point home:

Abbott has been raising money for years, so we are gonna need to fill in the gap in order to be competitive this cycle. Consider it an investment in Texas' future and, more importantly, your future.


Virginia Pickel at Too Twisted for Color TV kept it short and sweet:

Wendy Davis fought for us, and now we need to fight for her.

The progressive blogosphere is coming together to support Wendy Davis. You can be a part of it too.

Invest in a better future for all Texans. Give to Wendy Davis today.


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