#GiveToWendy to Protect Women's Rights

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Anti-choice organizations are powerful, determined, and flush with cash. In only a few years, they have functionally eliminated the option of a safe, legal abortion for a great deal of Texas women. And as long as they can rely on Texas politicians who want to “make abortion a thing of the past” or “ban all abortions,” they will continue to chip away at women's bodily autonomy.

That's why we need Wendy Davis to win this race.

We need a governor who will use veto power not to prevent paycheck equity or government oversight, but to stop legislation that infringes on basic rights and places undue burden on the working class.

Donate to Wendy Davis's campaign for Texas Governor to show your support for a stronger, more equitable Texas.

Read more about the blog-raiser after the jump.

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Sen. Wendy Davis rose to fame after hundreds of thousands of Americans watched her filibuster an omnibus abortion bill that will severely restrict abortion access for Texas women. Sen. Davis, her Democratic colleagues, and the thousands of Texans who occupied the Capitol disrupted business as usual and showed conservatives that we were watching.

Now it's time to follow through. Give what you can to help send Wendy to the Governor's mansion.

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