#GiveToWendy: An All-Day Blog Money Bomb For Wendy Davis!

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Today, Burnt Orange Report is teaming up with over 30 blogs from all over Texas and across the country to urge one thing:

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Donate to Wendy Davis's campaign for Texas Governor.

Why give to Wendy Davis?

    Because our kids deserve the best education possible, and our public schools and teachers need more funding to be competitive, not $5.4 billion in cuts.

    Because women are equal to men and Texas needs a Governor who not only agrees but is willing to sign legislation that affirms this basic fact.

    Because as Wendy herself said, “quid pro quo has become the status quo,” and Texans don't benefit when contracts, grants, and appointments are handed out as favors to donors.

    Because Texas can do better than being ranked near the bottom of high school graduation rates and near the top of cancer-causing pollutants in our water and air.

If you donate to Wendy Davis, you give our best hope at winning statewide the best opportunity to run a strong, hard campaign that has the resources she needs to win.

Make sure Wendy Davis has what she needs to run the best campaign possible. Give to Wendy Davis today.

More about the blog-raiser below the jump.Today, Burnt Orange Report will take a break from our coverage of Texas politics to urge one thing and one thing only: Give to Wendy.

We're excited to be part of an effort that includes the following sites:

Ann Friedman * Behind Frenemy Lines * Brains and Eggs * Brittanie Shey * Burnt Orange Report * Concerned Citizens * DailyKos * Dos Centavos * Eclectablog * Egberto Willies * Eye on Williamson * Feminist Justice League * Feministing * Greg's Opinion * In The Pink * Jessica Luther * Juanita Jean's * Julie Gillis * Letters from Texas * Mean Rachel * Nerdy Feminist * Nonsequiteuse * Rude Pundit * Sensing Place * Texas Leftist * TexPatriate * The Oeditrix * The South Lawn * The Texas Monitor * Too Twisted for Color TV

We'll link to some of their posts throughout the day. You can also follow the action on the hashtag #GiveToWendy.

Well all know that Texans need Wendy Davis in the Governor's mansion. We need to give her the resources she needs to run the best campaign possible.

Please Give to Wendy Today.


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