Hi, I'm Mike Collier and I'm Running for Comptroller

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There's something happening here in Texas. Our state's economy is booming, but Texans are realizing that things just aren't right with our state government.

That late-night showdown, led by Wendy Davis, shined a big spotlight on the circus we Texans call the Lege. Frankly, we deserve better.

And that's why I'm running for Comptroller.  

I made it official this morning, and I thought I'd come by here at the Burnt Orange Report and introduce myself.

Read more below the jump.I've spent my professional life in the private sector, as an an auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and a CFO here in Texas. I was a financial watchdog for my clients, making sure the finance guys played by the rules and made smart decisions.

Right now, we've got a Republican Comptroller whose revenue estimates were off by $12 billion.  And we've got a legislature that can't seem to make smart investments in schools and roads, even though our state's economy is booming.

I'm an independent-minded, pro-business Democrat.  And that's exactly what we need in the Comptroller's office; someone to hold the politicians — especially the Republicans in the Lege — accountable.  We need a financial watchdog independent of the status quo.

OK, so the question I'm sure you're asking is this:  Can this guy win?

Here's how:

First, the GOP primary for Comptroller is going to be ugly and expensive.  With multiple career politicians jockeying for position, they're going to pound each other with millions in attack ads.  

Second, Wendy Davis.  The excitement and enthusiasm for her will make a difference all the way down the ballot.  This is our year.  I can feel it, and I know that you can too.

Third, I'm the right guy for the job.  We don't need another right-wing ideologue and career politician as our Texas CFO. We need someone who's actually done the job of a CFO right here in Texas.  And I'm confident that I can build a bridge to the Main Street small business owners, suburban families, and independent voters that we Democrats need in order to win statewide.

I'm going to need your help.  But before I'll get it, I'll have to earn your support.  So, chime in.  Ask me your questions.  It's a busy day, but I'll do my best to answer them.

And join me over on Facebook and at CollierForTexas.com and learn more about our campaign for the future of Texas.

Thank you!


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