U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro Talks About Government Shutdown, Points Out The Hypocrisy of Ted Cruz

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We might be many years away from the 2018 elections but are already getting a glimpse of what a future U.S. Senate race between Ted Cruz and Joaquin Castro will look like.

And, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't look good for Ted Cruz.

A few days ago, U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro, (D-San Antonio), shared a link on his Facebook page of a video where he takes on Ted Cruz and argues whether Cruz truly represents the 26 million Texans he claims to have spoken for during his “filibuster” (spoiler: Cruz does, in fact, not).

Castro, who has stated that he will freely be giving up his pay because of the government shutdown, points out that while Cruz was attempting to shutdown the government because of the Affordable Care Act, there are over 6 million uninsured Texans that will benefit from the law.

Read some of the remarks and watch the video below the jump.

U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro:

“I, like millions of Americans, hope that there will not be a government shutdown. I hope that we can get past the hostage politics that have prevailed over this place over the last few years. This is no way to run a government. We are the most exceptional nation on earth and these wounds are self-inflicted ones.

The junior Senator from Texas, a few days ago talked about how he was speaking for 26 million Texans when he was threatening to shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act, which he derisively calls Obamacare. [Cruz] does not speak for 26 million Texans. The fact is Texas has the highest percentage of people who have no health coverage at all. The Affordable Care Act is going to change that.”

As Burnt Orange Report Senior Staff Writer Joe Deshotel eloquently argued, Ted Cruz intentions are not to replace Obamacare but instead to replace President Obama. Yet if these are his true intentions, Cruz may be getting way far ahead of himself once a Democrat like Castro, who is truly standing up for the health care of Texans, ultimately decides to run against Cruz.

Presidential campaigns cost money. One needs to look no further than former-Tea Party darling (they get replaced fairly quickly, don't they?) Michele Bachmann. Not only did Bachmann lose the Republican presidential primaries in 2012, but she also almost lost her seat to a Democratic challenger by less than 1,000 votes last elections. After many polls indicated that she wouldn't be so lucky come 2014, she has made the decision not to run again.

Cruz won't be so lucky come 2018. Not if he runs for President in 2016 and loses. Not if Republicans continue to shutdown the government. Not if Battleground Texas continues to recruit Democratic voters in Texas after 6 years. Not if voters get tired of all this Tea Party nonsense once and for all, and decide to do something about it.

Perhaps it may be early to call it a win, but Congressman Joaquin Castro had a lot more to say in this five minute video than Ted Cruz did in his entire 21-hour “filibuster.” And this will only become more increasingly clear once Cruz is up for re-election.


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