Scared Republicans Launch Sexist Anti-Wendy Davis Website

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On Thursday, was launched in the latest round of Republican sexism against Wendy Davis. The site's creator is Andrew Stiles, a political reporter at the conservative National Review Online. The site is registered at the Washington D.C. K street address of the Center for American Freedom, a nascent conservative think tank, at which Stiles formerly worked.

Do you think they'd bring up a man's shoes? It's inconceivable. What is that 'cool mom' quote meant to imply? Under the 'Issues' portion of the website, only abortion is listed. Their attempt to treat Sen. Davis as if she cares only about abortion is the act of reducing a woman to her views on reproductive rights. The site's contact page lists '' as the email to contact. The gender attack is undeniable.

The point of is to push forward a sexist smear of Wendy Davis as some kind of abortion-obsessed ditz. This is the same ludicrous, offensive characterization Greg Abbott's team and Republicans nationwide have been working on since Senator Davis' historic filibuster. The attacks couldn't be further from the truth – Wendy Davis is a very, very smart woman who repeatedly gets results for Texans – or from being acceptable.

More below the jump.Leading right-wing pundit Erick Erickson started calling Sen. Davis “abortion barbie” this summer, a tag that garnered a tidal wave of blowback and no support except from the choir. Greg Abbott soon personally thanked a man on Twitter who used that slur and also called her a “retard”. Weeks later, Abbott's top strategist Dave Carney tweeted out a “Why Wendy Davis Is Too Stupid To Be Governor” article. The right wing's low-road strategy couldn't be any more clear.

Senator Davis stood up against the anti-choice bill in July because it is designed to close health clinics that many Texas women depend on for their health care. Her warnings have turned out be extremely prescient: clinics across the state are closing and Texas women are now struggling desperately to find life-saving health care. Wendy Davis is a fighter who propelled herself forward in life from very difficult conditions through very hard work. She takes an approach not to benefit one group of Texans or one special interest, but for all Texans. The fact that the smear site was launched from K Street, home to D.C.'s massively influential special interests, is no mistake.

Senator Davis' dedication shines through in her work, her approach, and her ideas. Even without Davis in the race yet, every Republican attempt to slam her has rebounded and caused her opponents damage. The months ahead look to be jaggedly rough for them.

They deserve it, and Texans deserve Wendy Davis in the Governor's Mansion.


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