Greg Abbott Has A Very Friendly Relationship With A Racist Blog

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Greg Abbott with Robbie Cooper

Greg Abbott and his team are far too close to a right-wing blogger named Robbie Cooper who calls black people “animals” and the N-word.

Cooper runs an Austin-based blog called Urban Grounds. Recently, top Abbott strategist Dave Carney hit the 'tweet' button while reading one of Cooper's posts calling Wendy Davis “too stupid to be governor”. After Burnt Orange Report broke the story, Texans spoke out against this latest display of misogyny from the Abbott campaign. Carney has still not apologized.

Abbott was forced to distance himself from the comment, but he has come even closer to Cooper than his top strategist.

In January, Abbott gave an exclusive interview to Cooper at a Right Online bootcamp in Austin. “I was graciously given about 20 minutes for a one-on-one interview with Gen. Abbott,” Cooper wrote about the experience “where we talked about the second amendment, and how he and his office are fighting to preserve our rights from a federal government and Liberal establishment that is bent on diminishing and eliminating or God-given rights to self-preservation.”

Does Greg Abbott agree with Cooper's views? Why would he legitimize Urban Grounds with an exclusive interview?

Urban Grounds is a collection of Cooper's racist rants. Here's what Cooper wrote in response to video of an assault at a McDonald's:

Read more of Robbie Cooper's posts and tweets below the jump.

Blogger Robbie Cooper

Rick Perry also willingly associates with Cooper, despite his racist posts.

During the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Perry took Cooper and a small handful of other bloggers to a gun range with him in Austin.

“Gov. Perry looked over at me and asked if I wanted to squeeze off a few rounds with his personal handgun. I jumped at the chance,” Cooper told his readers. “…Honestly, standing there shooting guns with the Governor of Texas the way we did today was one of the coolest things I've ever done (politically), and only further increased my respect and admiration for the Governor.”

Cooper has used many instances of violence involving a black person to perpetuate racist stereotypes. Here's what he thought of black people who were too loud in Wal-Mart for his taste:

In a post entitled Black People Rioting and Brawling over Ugly Shoes They Can't Even Afford, Cooper wrote:

In another post, Guess the Race: Roving Gang of Teens of Undetermined Ethnicity Attack White Concert Goers in NJ, Cooper advocated shooting “these rabid pack animals”:

These are the types of comments Urban Grounds readers leave:

Cooper's Twitter account is a celebration of political violence, sexism, racism and Islamophobia:

Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” was the Nazi physician who decided whether incoming Jews would be killed or put into forced labor at Auschwitz. That's the comparison Cooper is making.

It's an absolute disgrace that Abbott — the Attorney General of Texas — would choose to appear on a blog with such a history of overt racial intolerance, and that Perry would invite Cooper shooting.

Cooper appears to be a huge Abbott fan. In August, celebrating a reply he got from Abbott on Twitter, he deemed Abbott Texas' “biggest (and best) conservative rock star”.

As the Associated Press pointed out last week, Abbott's campaign thus far has been a series of blunders, from Abbott personally thanking the “retard barbie” tweeter to his top strategist calling Wendy Davis “too stupid to be governor”.

It's one thing to do an interview with a blog that shares a candidate's political party. It's a very different thing to do it with a blog that so openly promotes racial hatred, sexism and violence.

Does Greg Abbott agree with Cooper's views? Does he think it's okay to grant people like this exclusive interviews? What does he think of Cooper's repeated use of the “N word” and other racial slurs?  


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  1. In 2004, when I resided in Austin, Texas, I meet Gregg Abbott and his’ wife and daughter. He seemed like a good guy, perhaps because he was in the public and I was his’ waiter at an Ihop restaurant. I had no idea, based on our conversation, that he was a racist, however, as I said, we were in the public’s eye, and he is a politician. Too bad my co-workers than fail for his’ front, as one of the cooks put a creamy surprise in his’ food, as well as his’ families. Obviously I was made aware of this sickening act after the fact. Oh well.

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