Friday Wrap: the UT Regent Who's Unhappy with Mack Brown, a Modern Day Davy Crockett, and More

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It's time for the Friday Wrap, where your Burnt Orange Reporters comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

First up this week, a new tumblr presents a surprisingly difficult challenge. Read a quote and guess whether it refers to an HP Lovecraft horror story or the Texas Legislature.

Below the jump, read up on the monsters under your bed, which municipality is competing with Google, the UT Regent who's looking to replace Mack Brown, and more…

It turns out there really ARE monsters under your bed…

-Katherine Haenschen


So, I'm really excited about Google Fiber coming to Austin. But a non-Google city is just about to get fiberoptic Internet power from an unusual source – a publicly owned electric utility.

-Michael Hurta


Arguably the most interesting tidbit in this article on potential Dems looking at statewide office is the knowledge that there's a Poli Sci professor at Trinity University named David Crockett. No word on whether he killed a bear when he was only three.

-Katherine Haenschen


UT regent Wallace Hall must really enjoy the hot seat. Today the AP revealed the regent talked to Alabama head football coach Nick Saban's agent just days after their 2013 National Championship win. The Conversation was about replacing Mack Brown and that really made Mack's lawyer angry. Billionaire attorney and one of Texas' biggest donors, Joe Jamail, told the AP, “If there are any more, get ready for a lawsuit,” Jamail said. “Mack has publicly stated he wants to coach.”

-Joe Deshotel


Some of our staff celebrated our “Best of Austin” wins from the Austin Chronicle readers' poll this week at a swank party at The Blanton. Thanks to everyone who voted us Best Local Politics Blog and Best Local Blog. We know people in Austin are pretty particular, and we're honored that y'all think we're the best!  


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  1. you hammer em Joe Jamail field guy
    As they say in Aggieland, “keep Mack … we need more safeties to play quarterback”.  

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