Wendy Davis Will Announce Intentions For Texas Governor October 3rd

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It's the moment everyone has been waiting for — well, almost.

Wendy Davis announced Wednesday morning that she will be announcing some very big news on October 3rd. The worst kept secret in Texas politics right now is that Wendy Davis will run for Governor in 2014. That of course has been all but officially confirmed by the campaign.

It is generally believed by Democrats in the know that Davis had planned to make her announcement around Labor Day until the decline and ultimate passing of her father led to her postponing any public decisions.

Grassroots Democrats across the state (and the nation) have grown anxious, and today's update is no doubt an attempt to keep the momentum strong while Davis builds out her statewide campaign team and strategy. For the many who have waited nearly two decades, these next two weeks can't come fast enough.

Click below the jump to see Wendy's message to Texas Democrats this morning.In a press release from Davis' campaign staff, she stated:

“There's one question I've gotten quite often in the past few months. I've heard it online, while I'm traveling around the state, from the media, and in my Fort Worth neighborhood: What's next?

On October 3rd, I'll be answering that question.”

During the summer Senator Davis ended speculation that she was considering a run for Lt. Governor and made it clear that she only had reelection or the Governor's mansion in her sights. Since that time the mere idea of her in the race has caused a vitriolic firestorm in conservative social media that has led to early slip ups for the Greg Abbott campaign. Personal attacks against Davis will probably work against the Republicans, but her campaign will still be challenged to increase the dynamics of the race beyond the abortion debate.

Tom Pauken, Abbott's chief opponent in the Republican primary cautioned those who don't take Davis' candidacy seriously, stating that “[Abbott] is going to have a serious race in the general election if Wendy Davis gets in the race. I disagree with her philosophically but she is a smart lady…”

Smart yes, and a great campaigner, which is why so many Democrats are ready to get this show on the road. Indeed the two-week long telegraph may not just benefit Davis' campaign, but also serve as a signal to potential down ballot candidates that her entry is eminent and provide them with time for last minute posturing. The total extent of coordination and data sharing between the Davis camp, the Texas Democratic Party, local county parties, down-ballot candidates, and other groups like Battleground Texas is still unknown, but that isn't stopping anyone from anticipating and preparing for Davis to step in.

The link provided in the email to sign up for Wendy's big announcement is still tied to her senate campaign website, but for all practical purposes that information can be collected by a 3rd party database and used for another office just like any campaign funds she has raised since her filibuster. A quick search also finds that the most obvious iterations of a Wendy Davis for Governor campaign website have already been locked up including: WendyforTexas.com, WendyDavisforTexas.com, WendyDavisTexas.com, WendyDavisforGovernor.com and WendyforGovernor.com. All 5 domains were purchased through GoDaddy.com between June 25th, the night of the filibuster, and June 27th, curiously all for only one year.  Whether is was an eager politico or a savvy staffer someone recognized the transitional moment in time.

Sign up for official updates from the Wendy Davis campaign, as she will be releasing more details in advance of her announcement.

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