San Angelo Planned Parenthood Closes, West Texas Loses Another Clinic

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Earlier this month, we covered the closure of the Planned Parenthood in Midland, Texas. At the time, many looked to the San Angelo Planned Parenthood as the closest option for the thousands of clients who were losing their reproductive healthcare provider.

As of Friday, August 30, 2013, the San Angelo clinic is no longer an option. Last Wednesday, a note was posted on the clinic's front doors that simply stated:

Dear Clients,

Unfortunately we will be closing our clinic effective 8/30/2013.

You could request your records be sent to another provider if you would like.

Thank you for your support.

Upon hearing the news, local faith leader Bishop Michael Pfeifer had this to add:

We're told whatever we ask for in prayer will be granted and my gosh, could we ask for anything better than to spare the precious unborn?

This may just be me, but I imagine the thousands of women losing access to services could probably imagine a few better things.

More on the closure of San Angelo's clinic below the jump.

San Angelo's clinic is just one in a string of closures being announced by Planned Parenthood in response to Governor Perry signing House Bill 2 into law.

Texas is not the only state where access to reproductive healthcare is under attack. State legislatures across the country have launched an all-out war on abortion access, and clinics providing far more than just abortion services have paid the price. Dozens of clinics have closed across the country, with Texas trailing only Arizona in the number of clinics closed since 2010, according to The Huffington Post.

As with the closure in Midland, local anti-choice activists met the news with celebration. Mary Perez, a resident of Sonora, has been praying for this day to come. “I believe in miracles and it's almost like a miracle, you know? But I believe in miracles because I believe in the power of prayer. I do believe God hears us.” Unfortunately for the women impacted by this loss, which will include not only residents from San Angelo but many areas in west Texas that lack a provider, Mary Perez seems less interested in praying for their reproductive health.

According to local news station KLST, residents of San Angelo will now have to drive “hours” to receive “similar services.” As clinics continue to announce their closure in the wake of House Bill 2, more women across Texas will be faced with this dire reality.  


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