Friday Wrap: Hurricanes, Prison Temperatures, Same Sex Income Tax Filing, and More

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It's time for the Friday Wrap, where your Burnt Orange Reporters comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

To whet your appetite this week, the State Fair has announced the finalists for their annual fair food awards.

The finalists include:

– Awesome Deep Fried Nutella

– Deep Fried Cuban Roll

– Fernie's Deep Fried King Ranch Casserole

– Fried Thanksgiving Dinner

– Golden Fried Millionaire Pie

– Southern Style Chicken-Fried Meatloaf

– Spinach Dip Bites

– Texas Fried Fireball

Below the jump, read about a great new idea for naming storms, litigation over prison temperatures, IRS recognition of same sex marriages, and more…

Here's one way to deal with climate-change deniers: name catastrophic hurricanes after them.

“Rick Perry Leaves Trail of Death” indeed.

Katherine Haenschen


The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees is joining the lawsuit against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice over temperatures inside of Texas prisons. “These conditions are dangerous to both the employees and the inmates,” said Lance Lowry, president of a Huntsville-based AFSCME local.

Nick Hudson


Big news from the IRS today. Legally married same sex couples with income parity are now eligible for the marriage penalty by filing “married filing jointly” on their federal income tax returns. As this creates two separate tax regimes for similarly situated people in the same state, the door for marriage equality opened by Justice Anthony inched open that much further today.

Edward Garris


Governor Perry took a trip to Missouri this week, and to prepare the state for his arrival he released a set of ads telling Missourians to get out and move to Texas while they still can. Perry's put out a lot of these this year, declaring the supremacy of Texas over California, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, and now Missouri. Although the ads earned Perry scorn and derision and made Texas a national laughingstock on late-night TV, Governor Good-Hair hasn't been able to take the hint. His latest ads have been criticized by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D), and at least one St. Louis station has refused to air the spots. For a guy who still wants to be president, he sure seems determined to piss off as many states as possible.

Katie Singh


You've heard of free pizza, well what about $32 million dollars worth? Today a jury in Jefferson County awarded a family that sum for what they say was negligence on behalf of Domino's when their delivery driver killed a woman and seriously injured her husband in an auto-accident last year.

Joe Deshotel


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