Friday Wrap: Texas polls poorly, cups that test for drugs, and UK coverage of our fracking problem

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It's Friday! Time for your Burnt Orange Reporters to close some browser tabs and touch on the issues of the week.

Since some Republicans have decided to center their campaign strategy around dog memes, we loved this re-enactment of David Dewhurst's call to the Allen Police:

Below the jump, find out about the Business Insider polls that dissed Texas, a plastic cup that tests for date rape drugs, and what the UK Guardian thinks about the effects of fracking on Texas.

It looks like “Everything is bigger in Texas” may translate to “Everything is better than Texas” outside the Lone Star State. According to a Business Insider poll,  Texas was named the least favorite state and the top state America wants kicked out. At least Texas wasn't ranked the ugliest state, which was awarded to Kansas.

-Tom Capp


A new plastic cup that tests for the presence of date rape drugs in one's drink has hit the market. Am I alone in expecting Jodie Laubenberg to try and ban these in Texas?

-Katherine Haenschen


While moderate Republicans and Democrats tire of fighting their right-wing colleagues over basic state services, TxDOT plans to revert some Texas roads to gravel, and our crumbling infrastructure has become international news. This is something Democrats can latch onto as they reintroduce themselves across the state. This story and video from the UK Guardian should have those touting the “Texas Model” of the last decade going back to the drawing board.

-Joe Deshotel


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