David “Do You Know Who I Am” Dewhurst Calls Police to Get Family Member Out of Jail

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Last night, a recording from earlier this month was released by NBC-DFW revealing some unsurprisingly unprofessional behavior we've come to associate with Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst. In the recording, our Lieutenant Governor uses his political power to navigate the legal process in an attempt to get a family member out of jail.

After his step-sister's daughter-in-law Ellen Bevers was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at a Kroger's (you know, that grocery store that doesn't like paying women equally) the Lieutenant Governor name-drops his way through the call and flaunts his many resources that the ordinary Texan wouldn't have in a similar situation.

In his explanation to the Allen police sergeant, Dewhurst states that he is “the no. 1 pick of all the law enforcement agencies within Texas.” Which apparently means we're supposed to believe that this is just Dewhurst “acting as a concerned family member,” and that he's just “acquiring information,” as his spokesperson states. Because emphasizing your endorsements from public safety is what any concerned family member would do, right?

Read more below the jump.Also in the call, Dewhurst gives the names of some friends on hand to help him that most people don't have access to, like DPS Director Steve McCraw, and DPS Lt. Brad Weatherford, who Dewhurst says will follow up after the call with the Sergeant to verify his identity.

Dewhurst encourages the Sergeant “to do whatever is the proper thing,” which insinuates giving him a little extra help. Instead, the Sergeant on the phone ignores the nudge nudges and wink winks, and explains the legal process Dewhurst and his family will have to go through. You know, like every other Texan.  

At one point, Dewhurst even tries to get the cell phone number for the Sergeant's supervisor. The Sergeant informs the Lieutenant Governor he doesn't give his supervisor's cell phone number out.

It seems to be that in almost every interaction with the public, David Dewhurst believes his word works like a magic wand that just makes things happen– like get family members out of jail, or make jars of human fecal matter exist.

Overall, the Sergeant that spoke with Dewhurst goes through normal protocol and doesn't give any indication that he cares who the Lieutenant Governor is, no matter how many times Dewhurst states it. At the end of the call, the Sergeant's only assistance offered is to send a squad car to transport the woman to Collin County Jail to expedite the booking process so that her bond can be posted.

Dewhurst claimed in the phone call that it was “a situation he hates to see,” despite the fact he felt completely at ease just a month ago with threatening to arrest college students and reporters for “inciting a riot” that they did not initiate and that wasn't a riot.

The Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa came out with the following statement:

“Once again Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has shown that he thinks he is beyond the rules and laws that govern regular Texans. His call to police shows a clear attempt to use his political position for influence, intimidation, and preferential treatment. That's just not how things work in Texas. Our political leaders are not above the rest of Texans, nor should they expect to be treated so. Dewhurst has further disrespected the office of the Lt. Governor, and highlights the failure of leadership by those presently in power.”

Dan Patrick's team already responded with some dog gifs.

Flexing your political clout in everyday situations isn't just something that's frowned upon on just one side of the political spectrum, especially when you're facing a primary like he is.

So, will Dewhurst be able to bounce back from this gaff after already having several strikes against him? Will he have embarrassed himself so much to animal-gif himself out of front-runner status?

Either way, it's somewhat gratifying to know Dewhurst has so much work to make up, and that this is just the beginning. After a long summer of calling the shots and disobeying the rules, Dewhurst is heading into a fire that he can't avoid– and he's fanning the flames.


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