Friday Wrap: Hey Girl, Perry Gears Up, Effects of the Anti-Choice Bill, New Raccoons and More

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It's time for the Friday Wrap, when your Burnt Orange Reporters comment on all the news that fits in a blockquote.

To start us off this week, someone on Tumblr has tapped into the country's collective crush on Chris Hayes and created this great new meme.

Below the jump, find out about Perry gearing up for his next presidential run, negative impacts the omnibus abortion bill is already having on the state, a new species of racoon, Rush Limbaugh's musings on climate change and atheism, and more:

It's 2013 but Rick Perry isn't taking any chances in his do-over Presidential campaign. Wednesday the Dallas Morning News reported that former Perry campaigners, “have started to build the infrastructure that will help the governor spread his message and test the waters of another presidential run.” The new group Americans for Economic Freedom was created to promote the so called “Texas Miracle.” So it sounds like Perry will be trying to convince other states that cutting education and underfunding transportation and water infrastructure is the path to economic prosperity — good luck with that.

-Joe Deshotel


This week, Whole Woman's Health shared an announcement about the impact of the omnibus abortion bill signed into law during the second special session. “Legislative and organizational uncertainty led to us losing a talented, young physician to another state,” said founder Amy Hagstrom Miller. It is hard not to see this as a dark sign of things to come under the new anti-abortion law.

-Genevieve Cato


The world is bigger than we think. On Friday, the Smithsonian announced a new species of raccoon had been discovered. Named the olinguito, this is the first new species of a carnivorous mammal found since 2010.

-Joseph Vogas


This week, Rush Limbaugh said: “If you believe in God, then intellectually, you cannot believe in man-made global warming. You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something he cannot create.” Following this (non-)logic, there is no cure for any human ailments because humans did not create themselves. If you have a family member who listens to Rush Limbaugh, please do humanity a favor and have an intervention.

-Ben Sherman


Houston creationist and lunatic David Shormann wants the Houston Museum of Natural Science to ban atheist groups from hosting events there. In the name of religious tolerance. If there's a hell, Shormann is on the way.

-Ben Sherman


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I think this dude's on to us, y'all!

-Katherine Haenschen


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