Mayor Julian Castro's Keynote Woos Millennials at YDA Convention

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San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro gave the keynote address at the Young Democrats of America Convention in San Antonio over the weekend. It was an appropriate affair with all of the national media attention focused on our state and the Castros representing the next generation of Texas leaders.

The Mayor and his twin brother Congressman Joaquin Castro had already provided a warm welcome to the Alamo City by sponsoring 500 Community Credentials for young Democrats across Texas to participate in workshops and network building.

During his address the mayor told his personal story of growing up around politics, one that will surely be told to many more national audiences, but tried to temper the inevitability of his political career by saying, “at 15 or 16 if you'd have asked me if I wanted to run for office I'd have said, 'no way'.”  

See What Inspired the Castros to get involved in politics below the jump…He said when he and his brother first went to Stanford they looked around and realized that the only difference between those who surrounded them and those who they grew up with back home was simply an opportunity.

Castro said he was a proud Democrat because of the legacy forged by Democrats of prior generations who fought to bring opportunities and a better quality of life for all Americans. He specifically cited FDR's support for the G.I. Bill, LBJ's championing of Medicare and President Obama's leadership on the Affordable Care Act. In 2012, the mayor put his political capital where his mouth is and championed “Pre-K for SA“, a small tax increase that will fund early childhood education for thousands of low income San Antonians.

It is encouraging to see a politician who is consistent in his words and actions, exciting the base, expanding the electorate and whose bright star is leading the way for millennials.  Right now more than anything Texas Democrats and young Texans more generally need new leaders to step up and sometime all it takes is a little push from those standing behind you.  The mayor seems to recognize his place in history that night telling the crowd, “You are the next generation of our country, you are the hope of our nation.”


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