State Rep. Brandon Creighton (R) Announces for Agriculture Commissioner, Lacks a Platform

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Early Friday afternoon at Ransom's Steak House in Montgomery, Texas State Rep. Brandon Creighton formally announced he would be running for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in 2014. In announcing, Rep. Creighton copied the talking points of every Texas Republican, claiming

Never before [has Texas ranchers]had to deal with the kind overreaching federal government that we have in Washington today.”

Rep. Creighton continued to speak as a fake populist, and went on to say he would fight for Texas and stand up to protect Texans and their way of life from President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency. However, when pressed for any specifics or details of what his agenda may be as Agriculture Commissioner, Rep. Creighton's website leaves voters in the dark. His entire stated position on the critical issue of water makes it clear that Rep. Creighton has no agenda or plan:

Brandon will also continue to work with Texas policymakers to provide the long-term water supply our state needs to remain a dominant economy throughout the 21st century. He will remain a proud champion for tradition Texas values.”

Rep. Creighton's issues page also provides brief statements about how he supports Texas-grown products and property rights.

Click below the jump to read more about how little Rep. Creighton knows about Agriculture Commissioner and how the race for Agriculture Commissioner stands today.Rep. Creighton mentions he will also work to promote Texas-grown products on the marketplace but he does not reference if he will work to promote the ideas of the Buy Texan Bill (HB 535), a bill he voted for but was vetoed by Governor Perry, within the agency he hopes to over see. The other issue he promotes, private property rights, only references an oppressive federal government but makes no reference to eminent domain should it be imposed by Texas or local governments. Rep. Creighton appears to have taken the stance of “Big government is only okay if Texas does it.”

Rep. Creighton will face former Texas Republican Party Executive Director Eric Opiela in the Republican Primary. Former State Rep. Tommy Merritt is considering whether he will join the race as well. Rep. Creighton has the edge in fundraising with $861,657.00 left in his bank account at the end of June compared to $250,177.88 for Mr. Opiela. Incumbent, Todd Staples, is running for Lieutenant Governor.

With Rep. Creighton's announcement that he will run statewide, House District 16, based in North Montgomery County, is now an open seat. In 2012, President Obama received 18.21% of the vote in House District 16.


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