Rep. Lloyd Doggett Answers Calls by DREAMers And Community, Stops Deportation of Texas Mother

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We have some really wonderful news to share with you this morning!

Earlier this week, we covered a story of a Texas mother facing deportation unless Representative Lloyd Doggett made an administrative intervention on her behalf.

DREAMers, immigrant youth, and community leaders from Austin and their families called on Congressman Lloyd Doggett to stop the deportation of Mara Veronica Ayala, a Texas mother of a four-year-old U.S. citizen. Her deportation date was set today, Thursday.

Upon hearing her case, Rep. Doggett sent a letter of support to ICE. This family will not be forced to be separated — the mother has been granted temporary stay!

Rep. Doggett had this statement to share with us:

I have provided my full support. I have just been notified that she has been granted a temporary stay of deportation. We don't need another mother separated from her child. This case shows why we need to overcome Republican opposition in Congress to the approval of comprehensive immigration reform. I want to solve this problem for her and the many other families in similar situations.

Read the letter sent by Congressman Doggett, and how all this was made possible after the jump.

Clicking image opens PDF of letter.

United We Dream and the University Leadership Initiative helped made this connection possible. The organizations help advocate in support of the legal relief that the person in proceedings need. They are asking Congress to act now and stop the unnecessary separation of families like the Ayala's, as well create a path to citizenship for 11 million Americans without papers, including Veronica.

Each Congressional Office has the right and opportunity to intervene with a Federal Agency and any of their constituents. Rep. Doggett was able to help stop the deportation of Veronica through this administrative intervention right. He sent a letter of support on behalf of Veronica to ICE — pointing out legal alternatives that could allow Veronica to remain with her family — and she was granted temporary stay.

While Democrats continue to struggle to gather support for comprehensive immigration reform by the House GOP, they are able to help families like the Ayala's by stopping the deportation and separation of families with undocumented members.

The community was a large force in making this happen. More than one thousand petition signatures on behalf of Veronica were delivered to the Congressman by United We Dream and the University Leadership Initiative.

Those in the community can thank Rep. Doggett for helping stop the deportation of this mother by calling Doggett's Austin office at 512-916-5921.


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