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Politics Done Right w/ Egberto Willies Obamacare Affordable Care Act

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies

Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern

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This week's show

This was a rather silly week. With serious issues confronting the country, the mainstream media continued their obsession with a virtual sex scandal. This is the reason why most Americans are oblivious to the issues that materially affect them. It is the reason why the moneyed interests, the Plutocracy continuously have Americans voting against their own interest.

There is now a concerted effort to further misinform Americans against the Affordable Care Act because much of its major features are working better than expected. I wrote several blog posts on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) this week. Take a look at them in the list of blog posts below.

This show will attempt to enlighten you on the Affordable Care Act and why you must disregard the organized and well-funded effort to deceive you into not participating.

Please call in and add to the discourse civilly.

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