Stand With Texas Women Video Shows Scale of Movement Across State

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The Stand With Texas Women movement and coalition has taken the Lone Star State by storm this summer. The excitement isn't just in Austin — events across Texas continue to draw big crowds.

Scott Pollard, who helped with advance at some of these events, put together this great video showing the size and scale of the movement.


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Katherine Haenschen

Katherine Haenschen is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas, where she studies political participation on digital media. She previously managed successful candidate, issue, voter registration, and GOTV campaigns in Central Texas. She is also a fan of UCONN women's basketball and breakfast tacos.


  1. Scale of Movement Across the State.
    What I saw in this video is the Democrats failure to understand that there is a Texas outside the Major Urban Areas.  Democrats in Texas loose elections in Rural Texas.  Until The Texas Democratic Party goes out into the rural areas and get the dead wood out of the Party “organizations” there Texas will be red, regardless of demographic shifts.  

    The Democrats must take their message to the hinterlands, but we don't.  we don't even give people a choice on the ballot.  

    I keep trying to get this onto Democrats heads as we loose elections after elections.  I understand BOR is out of Austin, but Austin, as much as I love it is not Texas, not is Houston, Dallas or San Antonio.  To turn Texas blue we need to start getting at least 47% of Rural Counties.  Obama lost my county by about 20%.  Sad.  The Democratic “Organization” in my county is pathetic.  I am a life long Democrat, and have never been asked for my vote.  

    Come on guys you are about the best Texas has,wake up.  

    • Resources
      Out of curiosity, with the limited resources available how can you argue that spending money in rural areas where voters are sparse and field organizing will not be as effective in terms of raw numbers of voter contact is a bigger priority than, say, registering and turning out half of the unregistered Hispanics and African-Americans in Harris County?

      47% in rural counties (did you mean all of them or some of them?) seems unrealistic. It wouldn't provide the raw boost in statewide numbers that a strong registration and GOTV program in Harris or Bexar or Dallas county or the RGV would.

      Our party needs to prioritize resources in terms of making the greatest impact with scientifically proven field techniques.

      In Texas, that means doing voter registration and turnout in areas with high percentages and densities of Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and young voters.

      As for local organizing, the local parties (and local individuals) are probably better suited to that than big national groups anyways. If you are unhappy with your own local Democratic organizations and find them ineffective, then change it from the inside or start another one that does the work you think needs to be done.

      Here are some suggestions you could make instead:

      * Can the TDP offer trainings for rural activists on how to organize effectively in our communities? From voter targeting to voter contact to materials to fundraising?

      * What online voter contact programs (online phonebanks, etc.) can be offered by the state party and / or BGTX and / or progressive non-profits to mobilize Democratic voters in non-urban areas?

      It's not really the job of the TDP to remove “dead wood” from county parties. Local Democrats have to do that and show some serious interest in that effort manifested as action, not just as talk. That means finding candidates, organizing, communicating to voters. It may not happen overnight but it will happen — there are countless examples of it.

      So focus on what actions you can take in your community to achieve that desired result. If the answer is you're not sure what to do, then that's a really valid question to ask for advice about, possibly even in this forum.

      • If you ever find yourself saying someone really ought to,
        then that someone is you!

        As Glen Maxey often says.

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