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This week's show

I drove to Austin yesterday morning at 5AM to the Texas Capitol to witness the mass people movement objecting to the bill that all knew would ultimately pass. We got back from Austin at 3:00 AM tired but impressed with what will ultimately occur in Texas going forward. People from all corners of the state were present.

By now everyone in America is aware that the War on Women's rights, the War on Healthcare, the War on Education, and the War on Labor have its epicenter in Texas. After-all, Texas has a robust economy that Governor Rick Perry advertises as he tries to entice other companies in other states to move their companies to Texas.

Ironically, Texas is business friendly mostly on the back of its working middle class. It is a union unfriendly state which means wages for the working middle class are low. Twenty five percent of its citizens have no health insurance. Business credits and tax breaks are plentiful even as education budgets are pilfered.

The last straw was the prostituting of women's rights. Texas new law makes the use of chemical pregnancy termination (RU-486) less practical. It creates an unfunded mandate to make abortion clinics, surgical centers, meaning all but five in the state qualify. It provides no sex education or family planning; this on the back of the state defunding of Planned Parenthood. In effect it ensures there will be more unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Out of this comes a business opportunity. Where Planned Parenthood once provided robust family planning and inexpensive pregnancy terminations, a difficult choice for most women, the new Texas will do it all for profit.

Texas women and women around the country get it. Passage of Texas HB2/SB1 was the last straw. The destruction on all the progress made over decades for the American working middle class will no longer be tolerated. The Texas GOP has revived the Texas Progressive Movement. This movement will spread throughout the Red States as rogue Republicans continue the Talibanization of the Party.

Folks, that is our call today. Let's talk about it.

Please call in and add to the discourse civilly.

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