Stand With Texas Women Bus Tour Mobilizes Thousands Around the State

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Yesterday, the Stand with Texas Women bus tour kicked off its route around Texas to rally supporters across the state in support of reproductive rights as time draws nearer to the final vote on the omnibus antichoice bills.

Accompanied with allied Democratic legislators, Senator Wendy Davis has lead orange-clad crowds by the thousands in Austin and Houston yesterday, while stopping in her hometown Fort Worth today.

The momentum has grown and echoed across the state by bringing the Capitol action to the streets and homes of the many Texas women who will be affected by the clinic closures that will be brought by HB 2 and SB 1. As the tour goes on, we will continue to see this highlighted, especially as the tour plans to make stops in the Rio Grande Valley and El Paso.

However, Texas legislators may yet again shut down the ability for women to be heard, as many, including Senator Kirk Watson, have reported the Senate floor vote to occur on Friday.

Nevertheless, you can find the events online here, as well as below the jump.

In Houston

In Austin

Here is what is available thus far for the following two days:

July 11th – San Antonio

5:30 PM

Sunset Station

1174 E Commerce Street

San Antonio, TX

July 12th – McAllen


Pepper's at Uptown

4620 N 10th St.

McAllen, Texas

July 12th – El Paso



While we may not see this bus tour in its completion, it's obvious to see the message has grown exponentially since that last night of the first special session. As many have seen, echo events in solidarity have already been happening across the state, organized by likeminded, inspired individuals who have taken ownership of this movement.

El Paso already organized their own rally last week in front of the County Courthouse, with hundreds in attendance, as seen in the picture below:

Courtesy of Heriberto Ibarra Photography

No matter what happens in the coming days, this bus tour, among many other things have shown that we can mobilize people across the state by the thousands. These aren't people ready to go down quietly. And this fight is no where near over.


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