Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right – Wendy Davis Saga Continues Sat 12-2PM CST

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Politics Done Right w/ Egberto Willies Wendy Davis Saga Continues

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies

Saturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM Eastern

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This week's show

It has been very busy since the last show. It started with a whole lot of fun at the Gay Pride Parade in Houston, Texas where there was a special bounce in the participants because of the Supreme Court ruling.

Being a part of the 4th of July Parade in Kingwood Texas was fun even as the heat was near unbearable. Registering new voters and entertaining children at two booths in Town Center fulfilled that true 4th of July spirit.

This week I was honored to be announced as one of three new featured writers at DailyKOS.

But there was a lot of hard news this week. A drive to Austin Texas with several women for The 'Stand With Texas Women' rally featuring State Senator Wendy Davis while the highlight of the week, was an important and impressive event that showed politicians that there is a tipping point where the citizenry will react. We live streamed the entire event.

The overthrow of the President of Egypt by a citizen supported military coup should be probative. Citizens will eventually fight back when pushed to the brink whether it is Texas, the US, Egypt, or beyond.

Let's have a discussion about our citizens now taking a path to really take our country back. Could Wendy Davis in Texas or the popular uprising in North Carolina be the catalyst?

Please call in and add to the discourse civilly.

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