Poll Shows Rick Perry Soundly Rejected by His Own State and His Own Party

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Earlier this year, Public Policy Polling concluded that most Texas voters are done with Rick Perry. According to a poll released this week, Perry is still about as popular as the MERS virus.

In bad news for Perry but good news for the country, PPP found that fully 74 percent of Texans believe Perry should not run for president and 8 percent aren't sure, leaving only 18 percent who think he should. Even 59 percent of Republicans think he shouldn't run again.

Read more about the poll results and how Rick Perry fares against other potential candidates after the jump.  Among other primary contenders, Cruz remains the most popular GOP candidate in Texas, followed by Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and “someone else/not sure” before finally getting down the list to Perry.  While none of the other potential candidates are exactly a progressive's dream, it's at least satisfying to see Perry being dismissed by his own party in his own state in the poll's results.

In a head-to-head match-up, Perry even loses to Clinton in Texas – he gets 44 percent of the vote to her 48. Not only do 66 percent of moderates choose Hillary, but even 23 percent of those who identify as 'somewhat conservative' choose her as well. And it's not because Hillary is particularly popular in Texas – the poll shows that Ted Cruz would beat her by at least 5 points.  

Surprisingly, more women think Rick Perry should run for President than men. While 79 percent of men think he shouldn't run, only 69 percent of women think he shouldn't. It's possible that his standing with women will sink further as the events of the past couple weeks have some time to sink in. Or it's possible that more women want him to run so that they can watch him embarrass himself nationally again.

Any way you look at it, there's a huge margin of Texans who are sick of Rick Perry. And as he continues to double down on his appalling tactics, it will likely get worse.  


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Emily is a Texas ex-pat and proud Longhorn living in Washington, DC, where she remains connected to the Lone Star State through her work on BOR and her enthusiasm for breakfast tacos. She works on affordable housing policy, and writes about health care, poverty and other social justice issues.

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