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As a native Texan I have been very zealous in my defense of our great State and the greatness (sometimes exaggerated – ok most of the time) that we exorbitantly show towards all other states and their 'puny' histories and pasts.   Well, after witnessing the overwhelming enthusiasm displayed by the Democratic Senators and one very brave woman, Wendy Davis, the attacks and degrading styles exhibited by the Governor and his political 'cronies' are abysmal and should make every Texan actively seeking accountability from their representatives.  

Governor- Lt. Governor- Attorney General and Senators, who were elected or appointed to govern Texas, should be accountable to the citizens of Texas before they try to make a name for themselves on the national political stage.  It seems, in my opinion, that speaking at a National conference of people who have no say in how Texas is governed had more attention thrown in their direction than the constituents of Texas.  This is a travesty and we as citizens should demand that our governing leadership see to the needs of Texas before they do for themselves and their political futures.  

We are being led by government officials who are more concerned with their 'seat at the National party level' than doing the best for Texas and Texans.  There are far too many issues that the Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of House and Attorney General should be concerned with first other than calling 'Special Sessions' to address One issue that costs  the least amount of monies from Taxes.

Roads, education and health benefits need to be addressed; and we talk about it but do very little in regards to having come up with governmental solutions. Politics has gotten to the point that the more any issue  is talked about – the more we are duped into believing the government did something about it!?!  It seems that these leaders of our Texas  government do this to enhance their standing with national parties to further their ambitions and are falling to be FOR TEXAS -FIRST as they were elected to do.    

As I was standing in the Capitol in Austin on Tuesday night (6/26) I was very very overcome with deafening roars – that these governmental debates stir passions and we should all be involved and courageous enough to let our elected officials know that this is good for the government.    We should let our elected representatives know how we feel; that to me, is what the founders of our type of representative Republic, had in mind when they envisioned our government.  

So many times we allow only the few to lead our Texas government in the direction that is beneficial to their next ambition not in making Texas better – which I believe is what they were elected to do.  Freedom and expressing your views to our elected officials is the duty of every voting citizen but we don't or will not do that…. Well shame on us as much as the elected officials who don't really represent our views.   We need to understand that it is a privilege to live here and  we do have an obligation to be CITIZENS and assist in making governments, institutions, and services work.  Hold our elected officials accountable and ourselves accountable for the governing of our state.  BE A CITIZEN!    


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