Did The Texas Senate Really Pass #SB5?

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UPDATE (2:02am): The Senate is caucusing right now and we are hearing a rumor that the Lt. Gov David Dewhurst is confirming that #SB5 did not pass, effectively.

The short answer is no. As of right now, the Senate has not adjourned Sine Die, and there are plenty of reporters and Senators still on the Senate floor technically awaiting this conclusion.

There are some reports that it did pass, but this was in an effort to jam it through. The good news is, besides the fact that the entire world is watching, is that there's a tape.

According to plenty of people, if there was an actual vote on #SB5, it did not happen until after midnight.

See the conflicting images below the jump.Currently, the Texas Legislature Online website shows that it did pass, but there are conflicting reports of when. This picture shows that it passed, but after midnight. If you go the website now, it shows that it passed on the 25th.

Here is a composite of the original record vote, the changed record vote, and a photo courtesy of Rep. Joe Deshotel of the original TLO print-out showing the vote on June 26th.

BEFORE (electronic take from Sondra Haltom, President of Empower the Vote Texas):

Here's a hard copy of the record (notice print date in upper left hand corner):

AFTER (currently on TLO right now):

Here are a few of the accounts:

There were plenty of witnesses that saw this happen or not happen. Clearly if you go look at the tape, it happened after midnight. Technically the Senate can suspend the rules to extend the calendar, but that did not happen today. The Senate always suspends the rules, but today, they acted as the House of Representatives would have, and played by the rules. That is part of reason why there was such confusion on the floor earlier, because the Senators are honestly not used to this.  

We will wait and see what happens. Senate Republicans are going to have to do some serious mental gymnastics to get this bill through, but considering that's their logic in thinking that this bill protects women, I wouldn't hold out hope.

One thing is clear, this night has made history. The world was watching, let's hope that makes Republican lawmakers are held accountable not only to just women, but to the reality of what occurred on the Senate floor tonight.  


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