Anti-Choice Legislation Hearing in House Committee: What You Can Do

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Tomorrow upon adjournment, the House Committee on State Affairs is scheduled to take up all four pieces of anti-choice legislation that have been filed this special session.

Time is on our side to kill one of the worst pieces of legislation against women's health and women's rights to determine what to do with her own body. But we need everyone to be there, and everyone to speak.

SB 5 (which already passed the Senate), will be heard in State Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives Thursday upon adjournment, which will probably be around 5pm.

We need EVERYONE to testify on Thursday evening in the committee hearing. Not just show up, but go to the mic and speak against the bills. It's 3 minutes. You say, “My name is ___. I'm here to testify against all the bills…” Tell your story, tell someone else's story, give your opinion, read an article whatever for 3 minutes or until they ask you to wrap it up. We need absolutely everyone to speak. When you arrive at the committee hearing, you will have several organizations and people there to help you with your testimony.

This isn't just about the presence or the turn out. This is about less than a week left in special session, we need to make them run out of time!

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Planned Parenthood will be sending updates once the House has adjourned.

Several organizations have been doing big pushes to have people attend, and we want make sure our efforts are organized and that we have a solid number of people attending this thing through the night.

We are scheduling at least 15 people per hour. Can you sign up on this form and help protect reproductive freedom tomorrow?

More than anything, we need people who will be there in the evening who are willing to stick it out. Please feel free to send forward to everyone you know who would be willing to attend.

We need to pack this hearing with pro-choice supporters who will speak for three minutes each. The House Committee Hearing on State Affairs will be in the Reagan Building, Room 140, on the Capitol complex. It's called JHR on the map.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thank you for helping us in these efforts!


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