Crazy Ted Cruz Tries to Amend Immigration Bill to Allow Overly Burdensome Voting Requirements

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On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down an overly burdensome Arizona voter registration law included in the state's controversial “give me your papers” legislation. Per U.S. News, the Supreme Court “determined that the federal registration form, which requires applicants to affirm they are U.S. citizens upon penalty of perjury, preempts the state provision. Groups that filed a lawsuit against the Arizona law said it was too great a burden and violated the 1993 National Voting Rights Act.” Even Justice Antonin Scalia joined the majority in a 7-2 decision.

But Ted Cruz loves a voting burden and won't stand for this ruling.

“I'll file amendment to immigration bill that permits states to require ID before registering voters and close this hole in fed statutory law,” Cruz tweeted soon after the ruling. Cruz then did exactly that, submitting an amendment two hours later.

Read more below the jump.The decision means that states can't tamper with the easy federal “postcard” for voter registration in federal elections, which requires them to swear under perjury that they are citizens, a falsifiable oath when proof is given on Election Day. Arizona gummed this easy process up, which has kept federal elections honest since Congress created it in 1993, by requiring various specific proofs of citizenship that it had no way of verifying. You know, to keep Hispanic Americans from having their fair voice in national elections. This is particularly impactful in Arizona, which is set to follow its neighbor New Mexico in electing national Democrats

Why is this a Crazy Ted Cruz post? Because our new senator is there to yank the Republicans back in line with anti-Hispanic discrimination whenever there is even a chance they will alter. He is the leading voice against any sort of reasonable forgiveness for undocumented immigrants in the immigration bill, standing opposed to any pathway to citizenship, and is now defining the GOP opposition to a Supreme Court ruling sure to be popular among Hispanic Americans. That's terrible policy and terrible politics.

Ted Cruz seems to represent the part of the Republican Party that believes (a) its base is fundamentally xenophobic and (b) they will never change their policies that garner them less than a third of the Hispanic vote. According to this line of thinking, the Republican Party should clamp down on Hispanic voting rights to help its own electoral chances.

It's craven. It's vile. It's Ted Cruz.


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