Jason Villalba Is Not the Voice of Latino Voters

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Texas Republican House Member Jason Villalba (HD114 – Dallas) was recently appointed to the Texas House Redistricting Committee by Republican Speaker Joe Straus. But he wasn't put there to represent Texas Latinos.

In fact, Villalba only won his House seat because he ran in a district carefully gerrymandered to diminish the voting strength of North Texas Latinos.

In early hearings, while often badgering citizen witnesses and challenging them as though they are opposing attorneys in a court room, Villalba has tried to present himself as a voice and a representative of Latino voters.

Now, Jason Villalba is Latino. And House District 114 does include Latino voters. But the Republicans who drew the district designed it to keep the Latino voting population as low as possible. 

Jason Villalba is not the Latino candidate of choice nor did Latino voters make up any significant percentage of his vote share in 2012.

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Nominal Latino vote in GOP Primary
In fact, Latinos made up a lower percentage of the GOP Primary vote in Villalba’s District 114 than in the districts of his Dallas Anglo Republican colleagues Ken Sheets (HD107 – Dallas) or Cindy Burkett (HD113 – Dallas). 

2012 GOP Primary Turnout




% of Ballots Cast by Latinos

























Source:  Dallas County Elections/ Democratic VAN

Not much Latino support in the General Election either
Given that Mitt Romney received 1,800 more votes in House District 114 than Jason Villalba, it is unlikely that Villalba received any more Latino support proportionally within the district in the General Election than Romney did.Polling has shown that Mitt Romney received no more than 25 percent support from Latino voters.

2012 General Election – Texas House District 114



# of Votes Received


Mitt Romney






Jason Villalba












Source:  Texas Secretary of State

Bottom Line
Whether or not an elected official represents the choice of minority voters is not determined by the race of the candidate or office holder, it is determined by the race of the voters in the electorate. 

Jason Villalba may be a Latino Republican, but he was elected by the same Anglo Republicans who elect other harshly partisan GOP office holders likePete Sessions (CD32 – Dallas) locally and Governor Rick Perry statewide. That's who Villalba really represents and why he votes – like Pete Sessions,Rick Perry, and even Louie Gohmert

Any effort by Jason Villalba to imply that he receives any significant support from Latino voters is cynical political dishonesty.


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  1. Villalba

    Jason Villalba did try to emphasize his representation of Latinos at the recent House Redistricting hearing in Dallas.  I was there.  I went on record supporting and opposing individual bills.  I have also filed written comments with the committee.  

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